Rahul Gandhi riding a motorbike in his efforts to make it to Mandsaur after five farmers were killed in Police firing in 2017
Rahul Gandhi riding a motorbike in his efforts to make it to Mandsaur after five farmers were killed in Police firing in 2017


Here Are The 19 Conditions Rahul Gandhi's Planned Rally In Madhya Pradesh's Mandsaur Will Have To Abide By

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • A Madhya Pradesh official has imposed 19 conditions on Congress president Rahul Gandhi's planned June 6 rally in Mandsaur
  • The rally is scheduled to be held one year since the day that five farmers were killed in Police firing during a protest
  • Assembly elections are due to be held in Madhya Pradesh later this year

The Sub-Divisional Officer of Malhargarh in Madhya Pradesh has set 19 conditions before Congress president Rahul Gandhi for holding a rally in Mandsaur in the state on June 6.

An official document has been published stating the conditions, which are as follows:

1) The total tent area covering the venue should be less than 15*15 Feet

2) DJ Sound completely banned

3) Total ban on words which could hurt the religious sentiments

4) In public places loudspeaker only within the range of  7.5 decibels to 10 decibels to be used

5) The rally should strictly adhere to the SC guidelines on air pollution

6) Loudspeakers banned between 10 pm to 6 am

7) All the people coming to attend the program need to fully follow the orders of the High Court & the District Magistrate

8) The organiser's vehicle should not carry any arms

9) Proper arrangements for parking, drinking water and fire extinguishing, in case fire breaks out

10) The contact numbers and full details of the security personnel of Rahul Gandhi to be shared with the nearby Police Station

11) Proper arrangements for potable drinking water, light, parking and arrangements to deal with any untoward incident. They also need to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness is maintained.

12) Organisers need to make arrangements for a generator for extra electricity supply when required

13) Organisers solely responsible in case of any fire breaking out. Gram Panchayat needs to be informed if any stray animals found.

14) Permission granted for 6/6/2018

15) Ensure the commuters don't face any problem because of this event and all those who come to attend the event are provided proper place for parking. Organisers to be held responsible in case of any thefts.

16) Proper medical arrangements in case of medical emergency

17) Nobody is allowed to sit in the middle of the pandal. Separate space allotted for people to walk.  

18) In case of any violence or similar situation, peaceful resolution to be found out immediately. Else permission will immediately be cancelled 

19) Volunteers to be stationed at the parking venue. Nobody allowed to misbehave with each other.

Here's the document:

Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan will go to the polls later this year. The Congress president visited Chhattisgarh for two days a week ago and his Madhya Pradesh rally is scheduled one year to the day that five farmers were killed in police firing during a farmers' protest in Mandsaur. At that time as well, Rahul Gandhi had tried to make his way to Mandsaur using a flight, a car, a motorbike and eventually by foot, but had failed to do so.