Here's What Rajnath Singh Said In Aftermath Of SC Dismissing Opposition's Plea Of Probe On Rafale Deal


Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said that the order by the three-bench judge on Rafale deal has made things crystal clear

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After the Supreme Court pronounced that there was no basis for a judicial review or a court monitored probe in the Rafale deal on Friday, Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said that the order by the three-bench judge has made things very clear, ending the distraction tactic of the Congress party.

Speaking to the media after the Court dismissed all the pleas of the petitioners, Rajnath Singh said, "In order to get mileage, Congress was distracting everyone. Today the situation is crystal clear. All the accusations by them on Rafale have proved to be baseless. I believe, they cannot win by spreading lies. We were very confident from our side because we knew the Rafale deal was completely fair. There is no basis on which another committee can be made following the verdict by SC."

Pronouncing its verdict on petitions by Prashant Bhushan and others, the CJI-led three-judge bench of the Supreme Court said that it had examined the petitions along three aspects after having first tried to find out the power of judicial reviews for defence matters.

  • Decision-making process
  • Pricing
  • Choice of Indian offset partner

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On the first matter, the decision making process, the CJI said: 'On the decision making process we are satisfied. There is no occasion to set aside the contract. These are contracts for defence procurement. Broadly the process has been followed. Quality of aircraft is not in question Metre conjecture is of no use.'

He added, 'We can't sit in judgment for going to purchase 36 aircraft or 126. Our country can't be unprepared for fifth generation of aircraft.'

On the second, i.e. pricing, he said: 'We have examined the pricing closely. Price details official responders claim better advantage. It's not the job of the court to look into pricing. We say no more as the matter has to be confidential.'

On the third matter, i.e. offset: the CJI said that it is not in the area of the Supreme Court to see this.

Having inclined with the government on all three counts, the CJI said that there would be no intervention in the Rafale deal, adding 'Perception of individuals can't be roving', and dismissed the Rafale petitions.

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