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Himanta Sarma Hails BJP's Win In Assam: 'Politics Of Development Won Over Appeasement'

Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday hailed BJP's victory over Congress, saying the politics of development won over the politics of appeasement


With the Bharatiya Janata Party paving its way to victory in Assam, one of the eminent faces in the politics of the state Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday came forward and asserted that the people have rejected the Congress' politics of appeasement and has made way for politics of development of BJP. Having said that, he exuded confidence in the party forming the government and picking the Chief Minister though the final results are yet to be announced.

Pointing out that the Congress party professed politics of appeasement, he said "From 2014, PM Modi kept working to bring about development in the region, and this has got a nod from the people of Assam today. The people of Assam have blessed us and promoted us to do the politics of development. It is the victory of politics of development against politics of appeasement." Touching upon CAA and NRC, he said, ''CAA Or NRC was never a problem, it was just the misconception of people, the actual problem was appeasement."

He also took the opportunity to highlight that the party has not yet decided on the name of the Chief Minister. "We were so caught up with everything that we did not get the time to decide on the name. Once the counting gets over, we will start mulling over this and come up with a name," he said while highlighting that the name will most likely be decided in Mumbai and not in Guwahati. 

AICC accepts defeat, releases statement 

In a key development, General Secretary of All India Congress Committee Randeep Surjewala released a statement. In the said statement, he said, "We realize that that the election results are not as per our expectation, particularly those of Assam and  Kerala." Pointing out that besides Assam and Kerala, the party has also registered defeat in Puducherry and West Bengal, he wrote, "We will definitely study the results and all the reasons diligently and we are committed to correct our mistakes."

Extending good wishes to the winners, he wrote, "We also congratulate the Bharatiya Janata Party and Sarbanda Sonowal for their victory in Assam as also LDF and Pinarayi Vijayan for their victory in Kerala." He added, "We sincerely hope that they will work to fulfill all their electoral promises as also do their best to protect lives in times of pandemic."

As per the latest trends, BJP has a lead on 79 seats as against Congress which is leading on 46 seats. In the 126-seat assembly in Assam, at least 64 seats are required by any party/alliance to form the next government.


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