'I Understand Hindutva Better Than Them': Congress President Rahul Gandhi Accuses BJP Of Having No Understanding Of Religion


Congress President Rahul Gandhi courted controversy yet again by stating that he understands Hindutva better than the people from BJP

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Questioning the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) understanding of the HIndu religion, Congress President Rahul Gandhi courted controversy yet again by stating that he understands Hindutva better than the people from BJP. Speaking at an event, where several other senior Congress leaders were also present, he said,

"To show the world you need to have one quality, humility. What does humility mean? Humility means whatever you are saying, I am listening to it with full respect. You are trying to understand it in your position. You are getting angry with me, I am thinking why are you angry with me. I am not thinking that you are a fool just because you are getting angry, I will think that there must be a reason why you are getting angry. So these people from BJP who talk about Hindutva, do not understand the religion. I understand Hindutva more than them (background talking) I am telling you the truth. What is the strength of this country? The strength of the country is you all."

His comments comes at a time when he has been attacked by the BJP, which has asked Rahul Gandhi to reveal his 'gotra' in the wake of his claims that he is a Brahmin.

""Ujjain ja rahe Rahul Gandhi ji se hum poochna chahte hain ki aap janaeu-dhari hain? Aap kaise janaeu-dhari hain, kya gotra hai aapka? (Rahul Gandhi is going to Ujjain. I want to know if he is Janaeu-dhari. I want to know what kind of Janaeu-dhari is he. What is your Gotra?)," BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said in Indore on Monday.

The Congress party and Rahul Gandhi have also been under pressure from BJP following the recent analogy used by Shashi Tharoor on PM Narendra Modi. Tharoor had referenced an unsourced analogy calling PM Modi 'a scorpion sitting on Shivling which is difficult to set aside'. 

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For his remarks, the BJP questioned Rahul Gandhi's silence on this matter, and asked him sack Tharoor if 'he is a true Shiv-bhakt'. "If Rahul Gandhi is actually a Shiv bhakt, then he should apologise and should expel Shashi Tharoor from the party. Tell me, will Shashi Tharoor ever comment on any other gods or religion like this?" Sambit Patra said at the same press conference.

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