In Second Sexist Taunt, Rahul Gandhi Now Tells PM 'be A Man'


After a misogynist comment on the Defence Minister earlier on Wednesday in Jaipur, Congress president has shared a post stating 'in our culture respect for women begins at home'

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After a misogynist comment on the Defence Minister earlier on Wednesday in Jaipur, Congress president has shared another sexist tweet asking Prime Minister Modi to 'man up', asking him to answer his question on Rafale 'scam'. 

The tweet read: "With all due respect Modi Ji, in our culture respect for women begins at home. Stop shaking. Be a man and answer my question: Did the Air Force and Defence Ministry object when you bypassed the original Rafale deal? Yes? Or No?" 

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Addressing a rally in Rajasthan's capital earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi invoked the Raksha Mantri while attacking the Prime Minister, seemingly chiding the latter for having asked 'a woman' to protect him:

"The Prime Minister with the 56-inch-chest didn't come even once to the people's court - the Parliament. We smashed the Raksha Mantri's speech. 56-inch-chest Prime Minister said to a woman 'protect me'."

The Prime Minister delivered a speech hours later in Agra where he let rip at the Congress president for his remarks, hailing Nirmala Sitharaman for her achievement in becoming the first woman Defence Minister in India's history, adding that Rahul Gandhi's remarks entailed an insult to women across the country.

"Two-three days ago you'd have seen in Parliament - We're proud that the daughter of our nation who has for the first time become the country's Raksha Mantri and for the first time a woman is handling the protection and security of 125 crore citizens. This is a matter of women's pride and progress. And when our Raksha Mantri, a woman, smashed Opposition parties' leaders out of the park, exposed all their lies -- you would have seen their eyes were torn asunder. And our Raksha Mantri, one-by-one, put the truth on the floor of the house. They were so shocked, they have been reduced to insulting a woman - a woman Raksha Mantri. This isn't just an insult to the Raksha Mantri, it's an insult to India's Nari Shakti, and these irresponsible politicians will have to pay the price for this."

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has taken cognisance of Rahul Gandhi's sexist remark.

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