"It Doesn't Matter If Quota Bill Didn't Come Earlier, It's The Need Of The Hour Now", Says Col Rajyavardhan Rathore On Question Of Timing

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  • Col Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, cleared the air on the questions imposed by the Opposition on the Quota Bill weeks ahead of the 2019 polls
  • He further responded to the allegations of 'appeasement' ahead of the elections with the introduction of multiple Acts for the regional sectors

Days after the Upper House passed the Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill 2019, that will provide a 10% reservation for economically weaker section of the society, with 165 'ayes', MoS Ministry for Youth Affairs and Sports, Col Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, cleared the air on the questions imposed by the Opposition, calling the Bill a 'political jhumla' ahead of the elections 2019. 

Speaking on the 'Nation Wants to Know' with Republic TV's editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, the former MoS Ministry of Information & Broadcasting set records straight on the questions on the time of introduction of the Quota Bill weeks ahead of the much-awaited Lok Sabha polls and not earlier. 

"Let me answer this in a lighter way. In a T-20 match, do you like a Sixer in the middle of the overs or do you like a Sixer to be hit at the last ball? This government is in power put by the people for the entire five years and we are still in those five years and we are acting within the time which the people have allowed us to act. Discussions have been going on this issue with various leaders and stakeholders. It doesn't matter if this did not come out in the past. It is the need of the hour that we have equality that is being promised in our Constitution's Preamble. A socio-cultural-educational-reservation policy that existed earlier needs also to have economically backward people included. Or else, this will be inequality," he said.

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Further responding to the allegations of 'appeasement' ahead of the elections with the introduction of multiple Acts for the regional sectors, Col Rathore denied clearing that the government is working to fulfil the vision of the Constitution.

"Appeasement is when somebody you feel is a vote bank and is a constituency you feel needs to be addressed which brings in further inequality that would be appeasement. Here there's inequality already existing, if there are people today who because of their economic background cannot rise up then we are not fulfilling the vision of those who the Constitution of the country," he added. 

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Later, Col Rajyavardhan Rathore briefed on the Modi government's plans for the implementation of schemes and policies for the better growth and development of the citizens, including the reduction of GST rates providing relief to the people. 

"This is a government that is working from day 1 till the last. Every single day we have been working on how the life of ordinary citizens those who contribute to the nation building can be improved, how various sectors can be further boosted. We have got schemes and we have executed these schemes. We have ensured that the number of people getting those schemes also rises. In terms of governance, we have the Prime Minister and the minister visiting all the places regularly to see how things are working. We need to have a single taxation system and we knew that with the taxes the revenue that will come is the same revenue that is further invested in the country. As we executed this GST, the council of the GST(members from various states) were the ones taking all the decisions not the Central government. We only had one or two union members in the council. It is Finance Ministers of the states and they were taking the decision. When we realized that a large amount of revenue is coming in, then also need to give relaxation to the citizens. The country needs a certain budget and if we are getting that budget, country don't need to tax the citizens more. It was promised that as we realized to understand the working of the system, it will start becoming more easier and that is the reason that the taxes have reduced," Col Rathore said. 

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The Parliament on Wednesday approved amending the Constitution to provide 10 per cent reservation to general category poor in jobs and education with the government terming the landmark move as 'slog over sixes'. In the last leg of the legislative process, the Bill will now go to the President for approval.

And once it gets his ascent, it will become the law that will give economically weaker sections in the general category 10 per cent reservation in education as well as central and state government jobs.

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