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JDU MLA Misbehaves With Migrant Workers Outside Quarantine Centre

JDU MLA from Sheikhpura Assembly constituency has misbehaved with few migrant labours who just returned from Delhi

On one hand, Bihar CM is directly communicating with the migrant workers in the quarantine centres through video conferencing, whereas on the other hand, JDU MLA from Sheikhpura Assembly constituency has misbehaved with few migrant labours who just returned from Delhi.

Due to the lockdown, migrants have been the worst affected and when the JDU MLA Randhir Soni visited one of the quarantine centres in Chaandi block of Sheikhpura district, the migrants started demanding jobs. The MLA replied back by saying that your father who has given birth to you will also not be able to provide you with a job.

A video of the JDU MLA  in a heated argument with the migrants has gone viral, in which the MLA could be seen misbehaving with the poor people. During the entire sequence of the viral video, migrants were criticizing the lack of jobs and poor infrastructure in the MLA's constituency in comparison to another place.

The JDU MLA misbehaved with migrant workers when they demanded job and employment. The JDU MLA replied back saying that did your father who has given you birth, has provided you jobs? And you have become a politician. The migrant workers reminded the MLA, of his responsibility to provide jobs. On this, the MLA misbehaved with the workers in an abusive language and said that this is not election time and I am not seeking votes at the moment.

The incident took place on 21st May when the MLA had gone to inspect the quarantine centre in Chaandi village in his assembly constituency of Sheikhpura.

The JDU MLA Randhir Kumar Soni, when contacted said, "the conversation in the video has been misconstrued and all those people are known to me. Somebody has played mischief by making it Viral. "

RJD spokesperson Shakti Singh Yadav said, "Strict action should be taken against the MLA for humiliating the poor people ".

This act of the JDU MLA has come as a huge embarrassment for Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is interacting with migrant workers every day through video conferencing. The Bihar Chief Minister has announced that the Bihar govt will create job opportunities for the migrants. After the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19, 40 lakhs Migrants are expected to return back to Bihar. So far, 1200 Migrants have tested positive for COVID-19 after random sampling in Bihar.

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