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NDA trouble in Bihar: Jitan Ram Manjhi's HAM Threatens To Withdraw From Nitish Govt; Sushil Modi Intervenes

Trouble is brewing for the NDA government in Bihar, as BJP-ally Hindustan Awam Morcha (HAM) led by ex-Cm Jitan Ram Manjhi threatened to topple the govt

Jitan Ram Manjhi


Trouble is brewing for the NDA government in Bihar, as BJP-ally Hindustan Awam Morcha (HAM) led by ex-Cm Jitan Ram Manjhi threatened to topple the government on Thursday. Stung by BJP leaders' continued tirade against Manjhi over his remarks on the Brahmin community, HAM spokesperson Danish Rizwan threatened that all 4 HAM MLAs will withdraw support to the Nitish Kumar govt, toppling it. In a bid to cool tensions, BJP MP Sushil Modi has urged all parties to not pass comments on Jitan Ram Manjhi and close the chapter. NDA holds a wafer-thin majority of 125 in the 243- seat Assembly - BJP (74), JDU(43), HAM (4), VIP(4). 

HAM threatens to topple Nitish govt

Addressing a press conference, Rizwan said, "Jitan Ram Manjhi does not need Neeraj Bablu's advice. He should remember that if Manjhi withdraws the support of his four MLAs from Nitish Kumar’s government, then Neeraj Bablu will no longer be a minister and will come on the road”. Rizwan was retaliating to BJP's Neeraj Singh Bablu who had called for Manjhi's retirement.

Previously, BJP leader Neeraj Singh Bablu had condemned Manjhi for his controversial remark on the Brahmin community. He reminded Manjhi that it was Nitish Kumar who had made him CM and his son a minister. He suggested that age seemed to have affected Manjhi and he should retire.

“Nitish Kumar made Jitan Ram Manjhi the chief minister but it seems age is now affecting Manjhi. He (Manjhi) should understand that his son is also a minister in the Nitish Kumar government. Hence, he should refrain from making such nonsense statements. Manjhi should retire from politics and chant the name of Ram," said Bablu. After the barrage of remarks, Sushil Modi acted as peacemaker asking all to stop commenting on Manjhi.

Jitan Ram Manjhi irks Brahmins

Recently, ex-Bihar CM Jitan Ram Manjhi claimed that 'Brahmins would refuse food at Dalits' homes, but take their money'. Using expletives, Manjhi, in a public meeting claimed that lower castes never believed in Satya Narayan pujas, but these were being held everywhere now. He lamented that inspite of that, Pandits who conducted those pujas refused to eat at Dalits' homes, preferring 'dakshina' (money offering).

“We had never heard of Satyanarayan Puja before, but such pujas are now being held in all of our towns," he said. Using the cuss word, he also said, "I've told to my community people that today crores of rupees are spent in the name of belief but poor people's welfare is not happening. Earlier SC people didn't believe in 'Puja' but now Pandit comes to their house, refuses to eat but takes money". Facing outrage, Manjhi invited several brahmins to his home and held a 'Mahabhoj', personally serving them food.


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