JMM, Congress Announce Seat Sharing In Jharkhand; RJD Miffed


JMM & Congress announced the seat-sharing for the Jharkhand assembly polls, but the RJD abstained from the press conference despite RJD leader, Yadav's presence

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JMM and Congress announced the seat-sharing for the Jharkhand assembly polls in Ranchi on November 8, but the RJD abstained from the press conference, despite RJD leader, Tejaswi Yadav's presence in Ranchi. In a joint press conference in the presence of Jharkhand Congress, in-charge R P N Singh and JMM leader Hemant Hemant Soren were announced by R P N Singh that " JMM  would contest on 43 seats, whereas congress on 31 seats, leaving 7 seats for the RJD. Hemant Soren of the JMM  would be the chief ministerial face of the alliance ."

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On RJDs absence from the press conference 

Congress leader R P N Singh said that talks are on, and their issues will be settled. But both Hemant and R P N Singh warned RJD, to follow the alliance dharma, else RJD will be ousted from the alliance. During the Lok Sabha elections, under the seat-sharing arrangement, Congress had got 7 seats, JMM 4 seats, JVM 2 seats, & RJD 1 seat. Yet RJD had fielded its candidates from 2 Lok sabha seats against the official candidates of UPA alliance.

Hinting at the RJD,  R P N Singh said that " There would be no friendly contest on any seat. If at all any party fields its candidates from any seat or supports any independent candidate than that party will automatically be out of the alliance. Congress party and JMM  will not campaign for such candidates."

JMM leader Hemant Soren had a meeting with Tejaswi Yadav on Thursday, and Tejaswi had announced the leadership of Hemant Soren. But RJDs demand of more than 7 seats, did not materialize, forcing the Congress &JMM  to announce the seat share for each party. Last-minute efforts were also made to placate Tejaswi, to attend the press conference which was delayed by 2 hours. But RJD kept on bargaining a few more seats, which was not acceptable to both congress and JMM.

Hemant Soren said that "As far as RJDs absence from the press conference is concerned, they have issues we will try and address those issues. There are only 81 seats, and we have to accommodate every party according to their strength. Talks are on. We will try and meet Laluji also again and resolve the issue because there are restrictions on meeting him since he is in jail. He is being treated like a terrorist. Ours is an alliance, mahagathbandhan is a term coined by BJP ."

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'Whatever seats we have been offered, I have apprised Laluji'

RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav after skipping the press conference went to meet his father Lalu Yadav in RIMS hospital, Ranchi where he is currently under custody. After meeting his father, Tejaswi said that " whatever seats we have been offered, I have apprised Laluji. Whatever decision he takes, will be abided. It's not that which party is contesting more seats, but it is important to defeat parties which do not believe in democracy and RJD  has always made a sacrifice, to protect democracy ".

Former Jharkhand CM  Babulal Marandi, whose party, JVM had won 8 seats in 2014 assembly election has decided to walk out of the Congress -JMM -RJD alliance, and contest on all 81 seats. JMM  had won 19 seats and Congress 8 seats in the last assembly elections and the RJD, had failed to open its account. JMM and Congress feels that they have spared 7 seats for RJD, despite the party not able to win a single seat in the last election. Congress and JMM, has made the message loud and clear for RJD "take the seats, that's on offer else leave the alliance ." In the Lok Sabha elections, RJD  had defied the coalition dharma, by fielding RJD  candidates against the official alliance candidates.

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