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K Kavitha Bats For Women Quota Bill, Writes To 47 Parties To Pass It In Parliament Session

Urging all parties to unite to pass the Bill in special Parl session, the BRS MLC noted that more women in politics will build a balanced political landscape.

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K Kavitha

K Kavitha has been a prominent voice in demanding the passing of the Women’s Reservation Bill. (Image: PTI/File photo)

In yet another move to bolster women’s representation in the political arena, Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha on Tuesday wrote a letter to the presidents of all 47 political parties. In her letter, Kavitha has urged party chiefs to unite, setting aside their political differences, and pass the long-awaited Women’s Reservation Bill in the upcoming special session of the Parliament convened by the Central government from September 18-22.

Bill aims to build an equitable and balanced political landscape: Kavitha

In the letter addressed to the leaders separately, the BRS leader appealed to the party chiefs to prioritise the passage of the Bill, saying increased women's representation is not a matter of exclusivity but a means to build a more equitable and balanced political landscape.

In her letter, Kavitha further highlighted the pivotal role women play in Indian discourse and the pressing need for their representation in the legislative bodies. She also mentioned the proof of concept provided by the 14 lakh women already active in public life, demonstrating their ability to lead and govern effectively.

Kavitha further emphasised on the importance of inclusivity in a democracy, urging all political parties to recognise the urgency of this matter and throw their weight behind the Bill.

Table the Bill in the Lok Sabha: Kavitha

While talking to ANI on the matter, Kavitha urged both the treasury and opposition bench members to support the Bill in the upcoming special session of the Parliament.

"A special session of the Parliament has been called for various reasons. The issue of women's representation in the Parliament is of utmost importance, and with folded hands I request all the political parties to take up this issue and rise above the political partisanship. This current govt does not have a comfortable majority in Rajya Sabha, but the Women's Reservation Bill is already passed in Rajya Sabha. So they just have to put it in the Lok Sabha and give the Women's Reservation Bill," Kavitha said.

A prominent voice in demanding passing the Women’s Reservation Bill

Kavitha, who is the daughter of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, has been vocal about demanding the passing of the Women’s Reservation Bill.

She sat on a hunger strike in March this year, demanding the tabling and passing of the Women's Reservation Bill and has been engaging with political parties and civil society organisations across India to escalate the demand for the Bill.

The Women's Reservation Bill seeks to reserve 33 per cent of seats in the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies for women. Despite being a crucial step towards gender parity and inclusive governance, the Bill has remained in legislative limbo for far too long.

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