Kamal Haasan’s Move Towards A Better Future For Tamil Nadu

Written By Veda Ramaswamy | Mumbai | Published:

Kamal Haasan is currently in the United States of America and on this visit he is due to meet a set of key world influencers from Tamil Nadu.

In the line with the same, he met Dr KR Sridhar, Founder and CEO, Bloom Energy in Sunnyvale, California, to discuss the prospect of clean energy solutions for Tamil Nadu.

Dr Sridhar has been the director of the Space Technologies Laboratory at the University of Arizona. Later, he led a project that built a Mars oxygen production cell.

After NASA cancelled the Mars-2001 Surveyor Lander mission, Dr Sridhar started working on reversing the process, using oxygen and hydrogen to create power. This was the foundation for Bloom Energy.

“It was a real pleasure to host Mr Kamal Haasan at Bloom Energy today and give him a tour of our factory. I enjoyed sharing with him our vision for electrification of India and the world. Mr Haasan urged me to consider powering remote areas in Tamil Nadu first. I am hopeful the visit and the discussion will pave the path for such projects in the near future.” said KR Sridhar, ounder and CEO, Bloom Energy.

“Glad I discovered Bloom Energy. Now that I have seen Bloom's vision it gives me a vicarious pleasure of being part of this endeavour. I see a future where Tamil Nadu could be Bloom's champion customer. I would rather that Bloom and Dr Sridhar would kindly consider Tamil Nadu as their sleeping partner/giant that they can awaken for the world to see. It would make India and Tamil Nadu proud,” said Kamal Haasan.

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