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'Is it no entry for women?' | Karnataka Congress Leader Kavitha Reddy Lashes Out At Party For 'injustice' To Women

“When men get so many opportunities why not women? Don't they represent leadership in the Congress party?" the Karnataka Congress general secretary questioned.

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In a major political development, Karnataka Congress general secretary Kavitha Reddy on Monday called out her party for ‘patriarchy’ and ‘injustice’ and for not promoting women empowerment while picking candidates for the June 3 Legislative Council elections.

Kavitha Reddy said, “Social justice is irrelevant and incomplete without gender justice in political representation.”

Karnataka Congress leader Kavitha Reddy in a self-made video said, “When men get so many opportunities why not women? Don't they represent leadership in the Congress party? When women are not given an opportunity how do you expect them to grow? Hope correction will be done.”

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Reddy wrote, “All men who get MLA/MP ticket will not win, so winnability question is ONLY for women? Men with all resources also have lost elections, but the question on resources is ONLY for women? Social justice is irrelevant/incomplete without Gender justice! (sic)”

“Why is Indian National Congress ignoring 50 percent of the population? Is there no representation for women in our Assembly, Council, or Parliament at all? Is it no entry for women?” reddy further mentioned in her post.

“For the 3rd time in a row, the Karnataka Congress has not given women representation in the legislative council. Even the seats which were vacated by the women leaders were given to the male leaders. There are very few opportunities in Congress for independent women. Tickets go to someone’s wife, widow, daughter, sister, or relative. Such people don’t speak for women because they come from patriarchy,” she added. 

Elections for the Karnataka Legislative Council will take place on June 3. The election is necessary as the term of office of seven members expires on June 14.

Samyukhta Hegde case: Kavitha Reddy apologizes for moral policing

Earlier, a case was registered against Congress leader Kavitha Reddy for allegedly attacking and abusing film actress Samyuktha Hegde inside a lake park in September last year. According to HSR Layout police, Hegde had lodged a complaint that Reddy had outraged her modesty and assaulted her based on which the case was registered.

Later, she tendered an unconditional apology and said, "I have always opposed moral policing. I realize that my actions were construed as such. An argument ended up in me reacting aggressively as well, it was a mistake. As a responsible citizen and progressive woman, I own up to it and sincerely apologise to Samyuktha Hegde and her friends!" 

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