Karnataka Crisis: Rahul Gandhi Addresses Congress MLAs' Exodus In Karnataka & Goa, Says 'BJP Is Using Money To Bring Down State Governments'

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Rahul Gandhi broke his silence on the ongoing political crisis in Karnataka
  • He pinned the blame on BJP, saying that it is using money to topple the state governments

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi broke his silence on the ongoing political crisis in Karnataka, blaming the BJP over the resignations of the Congress-JD(S) MLAs. Speaking to media on Wednesday outside the Ahmedabad Court, Rahul Gandhi was questioned about the Karnataka crisis. Responding to the questions, Gandhi pinned the blame over resignations by Congress MLAs on BJP saying that the saffron party is using the money to topple the government. 

Referencing the recent resignations from Goa, the Congress leader went onto claim that the Grand Old Party functions on truth. 

"BJP has been using money to bring down state governments. Earlier they did it Goa, Northeast. Now they are trying to do it in Karnataka. This is their way. They have money, power and they are using it. It is a reality. Congress is strong with the truth," said Rahul Gandhi speaking in the matter. 

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Earlier on Friday, the Supreme Court barred the Karnataka Speaker from taking any decision on either the resignations of the rebel Congress-JD(S) MLAS or their disqualification till Tuesday, announcing to hear their petitions on Tuesday itself. 

“The matter will be heard on Tuesday and status quo will remain on the legislators,” the Supreme Court said after hearing in the matter.

Following this development, Kumaraswamy pushed for a trust vote on Monday, sources said, adding that Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar will take a call on the matter. Speaking in the assembly, Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy said that he was ready for a trust vote and urged the Speaker to move for a trust vote. 

Notably, earlier on July 8, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, responding to accusations of horsetrading by the Congress-JD(S) leaders over Karnataka exodus in the Parliament, had taken a jibe at Rahul Gandhi for stirring the resignation row. \

"I would like to say, we did not start the trend of resignation, but Rahul Gandhi did it. After one senior leader, everybody is resigning now. How is BJP even related to this?" the Defence Minister had said.  

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the shifting of boats by 10 Congress Goa MLAs to BJP, Rahul Gandhi has instructed AICC Goa In-Charge A Chellakumar to restructure the entire party in the state. He has asked the in-charge to bring in new faces and give them more responsibilities, in an attempt to start from the grass-root level. 

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