'Keep Damage Control Plans Ready', Says Ardhendu Bose To Sonia & Rahul Gandhi Over Congress' Lineage Politics

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Ardhendu Bose, the nephew of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, has warned the Congress party that it'd best have damage control plans in place over its leaders' recent insistence on targeting the Prime Minister's parents in their political attacks, notably, on former UPA minister Vilasrao Muttemwar's atrocious line of inquiry where he said, 'nobody even knows who Narendra Modi's father is. Everyone knows who Rahul Gandhi's father is.'

Speaking to Republic World, Bose said, "the comment a Congress leader made recently, i.e. Modi's lineage or lack of it and then his boast about the lineage of Rahul Gandhi's going back several generations, displays, firstly, the lack of maturity and education of this person, as well as the signs of desperation within the Congress party. Now it seems that they are clutching at the venerable straw."

Agreeing with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's viral blog post on the topic, he said, "as far as I know there have been, and are, many more people who have been great achievers who come from very ordinary simple backgrounds with no great lineage to talk about." He contrasted this with the success of 'lineage', saying, "I daresay that in comparison to this there are far fewer people with achievements who have descended from a famous lineage! Narendra Modi, I guess, is one from the former category and all glory to him!"

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Remarking on how this form of 'surname politics' would impact the ongoing critical assembly elections and subsequent Lok Sabha polls, Ardhendu Bose said, "If anything, the comment made by this Congressman about the great lineage of Rahul Gandhi and Modi's lack of it will have regressed the chances of the Congress Party's fate in the hustings coming up in 2019."

He added, "It reeks of dynastic repression which is unacceptable to the aam aadmi voter. Mother and son (Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi) better have some damage control plans in place."

Putting his views into context, he said, "opinion in many circles is that this dynasty has 'bajaod' (sent to the cleaners) this country since 1947 - and now with the inclusion of Motilal Nehru in the list, they will have 'bajaod' this country for over one hundred years" concluding, "God save India! Jai Hind - as Subhas Bose would proclaim!"


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