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Kejriwal Relishes Dinner At Ahmedabad Auto Driver's Home After Hassle With Cops On The Way

Earlier in the day, auto-rickshaw driver Vikram Dantani, a resident of Ahmedabad's Ghatlodia area, requested Delhi Chief Minister to have dinner at his home.

Image: Twitter/@ArvindKejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday had dinner at the residence of an auto-rickshaw driver named Vikram Dantani, in Gujarat's Ahmedabad. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo took an auto to reach the auto driver's home.

In the video, Kejriwal was seen sitting on the floor while a woman puts a tilak on his forehead. He also enquired about Dantani's income and expenditure. "I earn Rs 300. It only covers food expenses," the driver said. Kejriwal then relished the food that was served.

Taking to Twitter, Delhi CM said, "In Ahmedabad, auto driver Vikrambhai Dantani lovingly took us home for dinner, introduced us to the whole family, treated us with delicious food with great respect. Heartfelt thanks to Vikrambhai and all the auto driver brothers of Gujarat for this immense affection."

On his way to the residence of the auto-rickshaw driver, Kejriwal engaged in a heated argument with a Gujarat police officer, who tried to stop him from taking an auto, citing security concerns. 

"You should be ashamed. The people of Gujarat are suffering because the leaders here don't engage with the public. We are engaging with people and you are stopping us. You take your security, we don't need it. You are forcefully giving us security. I have given you in writing that I don't need security," Kejriwal said while proceeding to Dantani's home.

Earlier in the day, Kejriwal addressed a gathering of auto-rickshaw drivers in Ahmedabad. After his address, Dantani, a resident of the city's Ghatlodia area, requested Delhi Chief Minister to have dinner at his home.

"I am your fan. In a video I saw on social media, you went to have dinner at the home of an auto driver in Punjab. So, will you come to my home for dinner?" asked Dantani.

The Delhi CM instantly replied in the affirmative to the invitation.

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