Madhya Pradesh: Shivraj Asks Sonia To Explain 'Digvijaya Running Govt'


Former Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has reacted to the recent controversy when Congress minister Umang Singhar called Digvijaya Singh 'blackmailer'

Written By Jay Pandya | Mumbai | Updated On:

Former Madhya Pradesh CM and BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan has reacted to the recent controversy in the state when Congress Minister Umang Singhar called senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh “a blackmailer”. Madhya Pradesh's Forest Minister Umang Singhar had alleged that Digvijaya Singh was running the state government from behind the veil and blackmailing the State ministers as well as the Congress party.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan asks Sonia Gandhi for an explanation

Reacting to the claims, former Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said, “The Congress President Sonia Gandhi should explain what is happening in her party. I want to ask that the sole reason for making the government was that later they could fight for power among themselves?” Chouhan stated that he was not concerned about the Congress party and accused it of pushing the state on the verge of destruction. He said, “I am not worried about the Congress, Sonia Gandhi should be worrying about it. My only concern is the seven and a half crore population of Madhya Pradesh."

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“There is no such thing called government in the state, every day there are headlines about what ministers are talking about one another. They promised to waive the loans off, of solving the problem of unemployment, of developing and prospering the state but they do not seem to have fulfilled them. It’s up to the people to think whether Congress thinks about them or no,” he concluded.

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Umang Singhar's allegations 

Umang Singhar had also written a letter to the Congress party high command complaining about the alleged interference of Digvijaya Singh in running the Kamal Nath government. Singhar, on Monday, had said, “All I can say about honourable Digvijaya Singh is that he is running the government behind the scenes. Everyone, including the people of Madhya Pradesh as well as Congress workers, know this. There is no need for him to write letters to ministers for getting various works done when he’s actually running the government.” He also accused Digvijaya Singh of trying to be the power centre in the MP government and trying to destabilize it.

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