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'Meghalaya You Are The Champion': 6 Key Points From PM Modi's Speech In Shillong

Stating that lotus is blooming everywhere, PM Modi said that pictures of the Meghalaya roadshow gave the message to everyone that the country wants BJP.

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PM Modi addressing people in Meghalaya ahead of the upcoming polls. (Image: Republic)

As the political mercury in northeastern states is rising, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday hailed Meghalaya for making a strong contribution to the success and development of India. Stating that lotus is blooming everywhere in the country, PM Modi said that the pictures of the Meghalaya BJP roadshow gave the message to everyone that the country now wants the saffron party in every state. 

The Prime Minister received a rousing welcome in the state as thousands of people gathered ahead of his his roadshow in Shillong. Amid the chants of "Modi Modi", Prime Minister Modi said, "People of Shillong organised a 'Shandar and Jandar roadshow'." He further said, "BJP's bandwagon is in every corner."

Top quotes of PM Modi in Shillong 

  1. Starting his address with 'Hello Shillong, Hello Meghalaya’, PM Modi said, “When I think of Meghalaya, I think of talented people, vibrant traditions. I am here with a message of hope and development. India is scaling new heights of success and Meghalaya is making a strong contribution to it. Meghalaya you are the champion."

  2. Launching a scathing attack on the Opposition, the Prime Minister said. “Some people who have been rejected by the country, who have drowned in the pit of despair... Nowadays they chant rosary and continously say, ‘Modi teri kabar khudegi (Modi, your grave will be dug)’.” “But the country is saying, every corner of the country is saying, ‘Modi tera kamal khilega (Modi, your lotus will bloom)’,” he added. 

  3. Stating that corruption in the state is a result of dynastic politics, PM Modi said, “Meghalaya should become free from dynastic politics. The family parties have converted Meghalaya into an ATM to fill their pockets.”

  4. “BJP is visible everywhere in Meghalaya. The pictures of this roadshow from today have taken your message to every nook and corner of the country. Be it hilly or plain area, lotus is seen blooming everywhere,” PM Modi said. 

    PM Modi holding roadshow in Meghalaya's Shillong ahead of the upcoming Assemby elections. (Image: Republic)

  5. Hitting out at the Congress Party, PM Modi said that Meghalaya wants a “People First” government instead of “Family First”. “Today 'lotus' has become synonymous with strength, peace and stability of Meghalaya,” he stated in Shillong. 

  6. “The sentiment of Meghalaya is in support of BJP. Not just in Meghalaya, but the support for the saffron party in the northeast is the result of the selfish act by a few families,” PM Modi said.

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