Mehbooba Mufti Makes Another Secessionist Remark, Uses Israel-Palestine 'occupying Force' Analogy To Provoke Over Article 370

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Mehbooba Mufti has fearmongered over Article 370 - 'India will become an occupying force in Kashmir',
  • The former J&K CM has made a string of secessionist statements over the last few weeks

In a shocking comment, J&K's ex-CM Mehbooba Mufti on Thursday said that if Article 370 is revoked, then India would become an "occupying force" in Kashmir, just like Israel which is an occupying force in the Gaza Strip.

Explaining the reason for the BJP pulling their support to her former PDP-led coalition government in Kashmir, Mufti said,

"Whenever I talked to them (BJP) about Kashmir issues, they agreed. But they (BJP) ultimately pulled out of the government because they did not like our demands of extending the cease-fire for more than a month, the recovery of the power projects in Kashmir and dialogue with both Pakistan and the separatists."

Speaking on the legality of Article 370, Mufti continued:

"The relation of J&K with India is based on Article 370. The article legalizes the relation. Once you remove article 370, India becomes an occupying force in Kashmir and there is no legality left in the relationship between India and J&K. the contract is off. They (India) can become an occupying force in Kashmir, like Israel which is an occupying force in Gaza."

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Earlier on Wednesday, PDP president Mehbooba Mufti had said that the relation of Jammu and Kashmir with India will end if the terms and conditions of the state's accession to the Union were changed.

"2020 will also be a deadline from Jammu and Kashmir to the nation. If you remove those terms and conditions on which Jammu and Kashmir acceded to India, our relation with the country will also end," Mehbooba told reporters after filing her nomination papers from the Anantnag Lok Sabha constituency.