Mehbooba Mufti Threatens Violence Over Article 35 A, Says 'if They Touch It, They Will Burn To Ashes'


Stoking controversy on Sunday, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti on Saturday said that those trying to abolish Article 35-A in the valley will suffer

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Stoking controversy on Sunday, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti said that those trying to abolish Article 35-A in the valley will suffer. Speaking at a public meeting on the occasion of PDP's foundation day at Srinagar, Mufti lashed out at NIA, criticised Centre's anti terror operations and declared that bodies of those will be burned who will meddle with the status of Article 35-A in the valley.  She also claimed that the Centre is using NIA to pick up anyone and one day they may also pick her up.

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Mehbooba Mufti on Article 35-A

In a controversial statement, Mufti said: "Meddling with Article 35 A is like touching ammunitions, people who are trying to touch Article 35 A will not only burn their hand but their entire body will be burned. Kashmiris need to protect what we have, we have our own constitution, we have a status which doesn’t allow people from outside to buy property here. The conditions that prevail the valley today are scary, JK bank has been finished and slowly they are trying to finish everything. We want to tell Delhi that touching Article 35 A will be like touching dynamite. We will defend Kashmir till our last breath."

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Mehbooba Mufti on the role of PDP in Jammu and Kashmir:

Highlighting that PDP will never be finished as its workers are dedicated Mufti made yet another controversial remark that those who died from whichever side must be mourned.

"I don’t have money and I won’t ask any but you if I need money. Who ever has been martyred in Kashmir, from whichever side, we need to pray for their souls. We need to be ready for a bigger fight. Elections come and go but the real fight is to fight for the special status of JK. We will go to any extent to save the status of the state," she said.

Mehbooba Mufti on militants in Jammu and Kashmir:

Batting for the militants, Mufti gave a controversial statement and claimed that people are being killed in name of militancy,

"Jammu and Kashmir needs to get out of this situation, even if we die in the process. There are dead bodies which were killed in the name of militancy. Can we Kashmiris forget this. When you go home, go to their graves and remember them."

Taking to Twitter after the event Mufti said: 

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Earlier in febraury, Mufti had said that no one will hold Indian flag in the valley if the status of 35 A is tampered. She had said that 'any unnecessary fiddling with or tampering with Article 35 A will nullify the contract itself that legitimises the union of J&K with India.'

Issuing a threat to the Centre she had said: "I want to tell them, don't play with fire. Don't fiddle with 35A. If you do so the consequences will be so grave that you'll see such things which you would have not seen since 1947.

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