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Metro Man Sreedharan 'pleased' To Fight Kerala Polls From Hometown Palakkad After 67 Years

E. Sreedharan, who was born in Palakkad & also completed his education there, is returning to the district after nearly 7 decades, to fight the Kerala polls

BJP’s high-profile candidate in Kerala's Palakkad constituency E. Sreedharan, also known as 'Metro man' had a candid interaction with Republic TV on Thursday, where he shared some of his lesser-known facts, as he enters the political arena after 67 years of service in the field engineering.

Sreedharan, who was born in Palakkad and also completed his education there, is returning back to the district after nearly seven decades, to fight the upcoming Kerala assembly polls. The Metro man has said the determination to return to the same place and to serve the people of the state as a political leader gives him great joy. 

"I was born in Palakkad and received my educated here. I also worked in the district for a few years and served as a divisional engineer for Southern Railways at Palakkad. After that, I have spent most of my life working out of Kerala. Coming back to my own state with a determination to serve the people after 67 years gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction," Sreedharan said. 

The 88-year old technocrat, known is for his contribution to building iconic infrastructure projects, is the BJP's Chief Ministerial face for Kerala polls. In Palakkad, he will be taking on sitting Congress MLA Shafi Parambil, seeking to convert his technocrat charisma into votes. The Metro man has assured of turning around BJP's fortune in Kerala and predicted that the party will either win a full majority or enough numbers to evolve as a kingmaker in the state. 

In his message to the youngsters of the country, Sreedharan said he often encourages the youth to uphold and preserve the good values of our country such as dharma and Satya.  

'BJP can win majority in Kerala'

Sreedharan is credited for transforming public transport with several flagship projects including the Metro Rail. As he campaigns for Kerala polls, the metro man expressed confidence in winning the Palakkad Assembly constituency.

"I think the BJP has very good prospects of winning seats in Kerala. It may be an absolute majority or even it could have an accessible number by which they will be the kingmaker," he said.

In Kerala, the BJP which is an alliance with 4 parties has decided to contest in 115 seats alone out of which it has released the names of 112 candidates. Elections for the 140-seat state Assembly will be held in a single phase on April 6 and the counting of votes will take place on May 2. 

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