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'Movie Nothing But Sheer Propaganda': Mehbooba Mufti Backs Insult To 'The Kashmir Files'

At the 53rd International Film Festival of India's closing ceremony on Monday, Lapid had called 'The Kashmir Files' a "vulgar" and "propaganda movie."

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Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and Peoples Democratic Party supremo Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday supported IFFI jury head Nadav Lapid's insult to 'The Kashmir Files' at the festival's closing ceremony. She alleged that the movie is "sheer propaganda by the ruling party to demonise Muslims, especially Kashmiris."

Taking to Twitter, Mufti said, "Finally someone called out a movie that was nothing but sheer propaganda promoted by the ruling party to demonise Muslims esp Kashmiris & widen the gulf between Pandits & Muslims. Sad that diplomatic channels are now being used to silence the truth."

At the 53rd International Film Festival of India's (IFFI's)  closing ceremony on Monday night, Lapid had called 'The Kashmir Files' a "vulgar" and "propaganda movie."

IFFI jury head calls The Kashmir Files 'vulgar'; slammed

His remarks have been condemned widely. 'The Kashmir Files' director Vivek Agnihotri on Tuesday said that he will quit film-making if anyone proves that any dialogue or scene shown in the film is false.

"Today, I have decided after yesterday's unconstitutional misuse of the festival took place, I'm going to tell the full story- 'The Kashmir Files: Unreported'. This is going to be much more disturbing and going to rattle them all," Agnihotri told Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami.

He added, "I don't know how anyone can use the word 'vulgar'. The killing of our Air Force commandos, was that 'propaganda'? I challenge everybody to prove one scene, dialogue or event in the film that is not 100% true I'll stop making films. If you cannot prove then stop this fake narrative against India and Hindus."

Actor Anupam Kher, who plays a crucial role in the film, also slammed Lapid. "If the holocaust is right, the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is right too. Seems pre-planned as immediately after that toolkit gang became active," he said.

Isreal's Consul General to India, Kobbi Shoshani, clarified that Lapid's remarks have nothing to do with the state of Isreal officially or unofficially. "I apologise for the speech which was a private opinion," he said.

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