MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan Lashes Out At 'Communal' Congress After Huge Admission By Kamal Nath In Secret Video


Incumbent Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has lashed out at the Congress party for the comments by its MLA Kamal Nath in the secret video

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Incumbent Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has lashed out at the Congress party for the comments made by its MLA Kamal Nath in the secret video exposed by Republic TV on Wednesday.

Only a part of the video was available earlier, but on Wednesday, the whole video came out in open. In the 7-minute long video, Kamal Nath could be seen asking Muslims to make sure that 90% of their community should vote, otherwise Congress would be in problem.

And Shivraj, who is hoping to begin his fourth term as the MP CM, believes this has all but exposed the true nature of the Congress party. Speaking to media, he said,

"Congress is the most communal party. They can stoop to any level just for the sake of votes. They go to temples and pretend to pray and in the party meeting they tell Muslim brothers that if they do not get 90 per cent of Muslim votes, they might lose the elections. So what if they lose? If the votes are based on Hindu and Muslims. Will the society  be divided for the votes. Congress has stooped so low, nobody in the democratic state would approve of such actions. These actions are being taken by their leader Kamal Nath ji. This is disgraceful, he shouldn't stoop down to this level for the sake of votes. BJP's slogan is 'sabka sath sabka vikas' . Congress do not consider Muslims as human beings, they just want votes. Just votes. And later when they get those votes they do not behave with them. I condemn such behaviour."

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In the shocking clip, in which Kamal Nath is both visible and audible, speaking from behind his desk, he makes a number of admissions. From declaring the tribal vote unimportant to his party, to announcing that he is unconcerned whether those who contest for the Congress have cases pending against them, to the most shocking confession -- That unless 90% of Muslim voters don't support the Congress, the party is finished.

The mega news break created a huge stir, with BJP filing their complaint against Kamal Nath to the Election Commission, accusing him of breaking the poll code of conduct ahead of the upcoming Madhya Pradesh elections.

"Kamal Nath in an address to a gathering appealed to Muslim voters to mobilise 90% votes for INC in 'Muslim' booth. It is tragic that Shri Kamal Nath chose to even divide the booths along religious lines. He is clearly appealing to voters on the basis of religious denomination, which agitates the spirit of free and fair elections,' their statement read.

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