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Nadda Attacks Rahul Gandhi, Reminds Him Of 'sin Of Giving Up Thousands Of Km' To Chinese

BJP National President JP Nadda has lashed out at Rahul Gandhi, calling his allegations on disengagement at LAC, "a new edition of Congress circus".

JP Nadda

After Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday attacked the Centre over the disengagement protocol at Pangong Tso, BJP National President JP Nadda has lashed out at the Wayanad MP calling his press conference "a new edition of Congress circus". Congress has alleged that the Government has ceded land to the Chinese in an attempt to attack the Centre.

Taking to Twitter, Nadda said, "No Indian land has been given up by the government as part of the current disengagement process. If anyone committed the sin of giving up thousands of sq km, it is one corrupt, cowardly dynasty that has broken the country to keep their power intact.

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In another tweet, JP Nadda asked Rahul Gandhi if falsely claiming that disengagement is a loss for India, a part of Congress-China MoU? Nadda also highlighted that raising questions on the disengagement will be akin to insulting the 'brave forces' as they have been at the helm of the disengagement strategy.

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'PM Modi ceded Indian land': Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi on Friday made wild allegations that Prime Minister Narendra Modi "ceded Indian land to the Chinese". Addressing a press conference, Rahul Gandhi said, "We find that Indian troops are now going to be stationed at Finger 3. Finger 4 is our territory where our post used to be. So now we have moved from finger 4 to finger 3. Why has Prime Minister Modi given our territory to the Chinese? This is a question that needs to be answered by him and the defence minister."

"Why have the Chinese not moved back from Depsang plains and Gogra? Prime Minister has given Indian territory to China. He has bent down in front of China. It is his lookout how he takes it back," Rahul Gandhi added.

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Defence Ministry sets the record straight

Giving an elaborate reply to the doubts raised by Congress, the Defence Ministry said, "The assertion that Indian territory is upto Finger 4 is categorically false. The territory of India is as depicted by the map of India and includes more than 43,000 sq km currently under illegal occupation of China since 1962."

"Even the Line of Actual Control (LAC), as per the Indian perception, is at Finger 8, not at Finger 4. That is why India has persistently maintained the right to patrol up to Finger 8, including in the current understanding with China," the statement added.

"Permanent posts of both sides at the north bank of Pangong Tso are longstanding and well-established. On the Indian side, it is Dhan Singh Thapa Post near Finger 3 and on the Chinese side, east of Finger 8. The current agreement provides for cessation of forward deployment by both sides and continued deployment at these permanent posts," the statement appended while adding that India has not conceded any territory as a result of this agreement and on the contrary, it has enforced observance and respect for LAC and prevented any unilateral change in the status quo.

The Defence Ministry also affirmed that the pending issues including the Hot Springs, Gogra and Depsang will be taken up within 48 hours of the Pangong Tso disengagement.

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