National Approval Ratings: UPA Likely To Take Lead In Jammu And Kashmir With 4 Seats, NDA To Acquire 2 Seats

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

With the Lok Sabha elections 2019 inching closer, Republic TV and CVoter have presented the National Approval Ratings to give complete national picture as to who will win if polls are held in September 2018. There are 6 Lok Sabha seats up for grabs in Jammu and Kashmir. And with the political landscape doing a complete 180 since 2014, here is what the projections look like:

  • Last time around the BJP had won 3 seats in Jammu while the PDP had won the 3 seats in Kashmir.  This time around the PDP is set to behe biggest loser after Mehbooba was made to walk out of the Chief Ministers office by the BJP
  • The BJP is slated to get 2, INC is slated to get 1, the NC is set to get 3 and the PDP is set to get zilch. While this is the most optimistic scenario for the UYPA which includes the INC and NC at 4  seats, should Omar Abdullah flirt with the NDA as has been history, it might take away from Rahul Gandhi’s fortunes in the valley
  • Despite all the fear-mongering and anti-national pitches against the BJP, Amit Shah has still managed to hold on to 2 out of 3 seats which means that the anti-BJP rhetoric hasn’t stuck in Jammu 
  • At the same time, the BJP much to be worried about in terms of perception because the INC + NC at present will be taking the Jammu and Kashmir and that too with a scenario where in it is the Congress that has plucked a seat out of the BJPs kitty.  
  • At the present scenario, in which the BJP is yet to cobble its Jammu and Kashmir regional partner, there seems to be a direct transfer of vote from the PDPs 2014 kitty to the National Conference.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Irrespective of how you see it, Omar Abdullah, at this point is set to be the kingmaker in jammu and Kashmir, given the fact that he controls  3out of 6 seats, all likely to be in the valley. No matter which way he goes, it set to change the fortunes of the Congress and the BJP.

SIGNIFICANT TO NOTE: Significant to note is that, the PDP as is being projected is set to record it's worst ever performance in the state, which means that like Chandrababu Naidu, Mehbooba Mufti’s punt of walking out of the BJP alliance may cost her the vote.

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2018 has been a blockbuster year so far as far as the political landscape of India is concerned. While BJP managed to form government in 3 states this year, either in alliance or on its own, gaining a massive lead over the Opposition, the Congress, by forming government in Karnataka by tying up with the JDS, saved itself from being out of power in all large states, save for Punjab. Out of 4 states, which went to polls this year, BJP has its government on its own in Tripura and with alliance partners in two states, namely, Meghalaya (with National People’s Party), Nagaland (with Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party), whereas the Congress managed to form government in Karnataka with JDS as its alliance partner.

The results of 2019 Lok Sabha elections may or may not reflect the results or scenarios of the state assembly elections, nevertheless, to establish where we stand at present, Republic TV and CVoter has presented the National Approval Ratings.