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Nawab Malik Confirms Land Deal But Denies 'underworld' Link; 'exposé' On Fadnavis Tomorrow

Rebutting Devendra Fadnavis' allegations, Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik vowed to expose the former's links with the underworld at 10 am on Wednesday. 

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Rebutting Devendra Fadnavis' allegations, Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik vowed to expose the former's links with the underworld at 10 am on Wednesday, 10th October. Revealing that he will drop a "hydrogen bomb", he stated, "I will expose the game of Devendra Fadnavis underworld in Maharashtra and how he kept the entire city hostage through the underworld while being Chief Minister". While owning up to the land transaction with Haseena Parkar's driver and bodyguard Salim Patel and 1993 bomb blasts convict Sardar Shah Wali Khan, the NCP leader denied having any links with the underworld. 

Explaining the history of the land in question, Nawab Malik remarked, "At present, Madinatul Aman cooperative society is there. The building constructed there in 1984 is known as Goawala Compound in which Munira Plumber gave development rights to Rasiwalla, constructed 140-250 houses and sold them to people. There is a slum behind this. Our godown is there which was on lease from Munira for the last 30 years. We also had 4 shops on that property".

Clearing the air on the nature of his contact with Salim Patel, the NCP spokesperson specified, "She (Munira Plumber) contacted us that she wants to give full ownership of the godown to us. We took ownership from her. We did the registry with her power of attorney-Salim Patel and these documents are available. As a tenant, we paid the stamp duty as applicable."

"Sardar Wali Khan has a house in the same Goawala compound even today. For the last 70 years, Sardar Wali Khan's father served as a watchman of the Goawala family in the same compound. When we purchased the property from the Goawala family, Sardar Wali Khan put his name on 300 m of land. When we went to register the property, these things came to light. We paid money for the 300 m and made him surrender the right of the land that he created," Malik said, making it clear that he had no connection with the terror convict.

Fadnavis' allegations against Nawab Malik

The war of words between the two leaders commenced on November 1 when Nawab Malik accused Fadnavis of being the mastermind of the drug mafia. Refuting this charge, the former Maharashtra CM promised to make public proof about the NCP leader's links with the underworld after Diwali. Addressing a press briefing earlier in the day, Fadnavis alleged that Solidus Investments Pvt. Ltd.- a company allegedly controlled by Malik's family members, had purchased a 2.8-acre land in Kurla, Mumbai in September 2005 from Mariyambai Goawala, Munira Plumber and Sardar Shah Wali Khan.

Claiming that the land was sold cheaper than the market rate at Rs.30 lakh, he said that Rs.10 lakh and Rs.5 lakh were paid to Salim Patel and Khan respectively. Moreover, he divulged that the NCP leader's son Faraz Malik was a signatory to this deal with Patel and Khan. Fadnavis claimed, "In 2003, he (Nawab Malik) became a tenant in this property. He transferred his tenancy and then purchased it. This shows a direct connection to the underworld". Moreover, he added, "There are 5 such properties in which there is 100% an underworld angle in 4 of them. This is from 2005 until now, until two years ago". 

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