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'NCP's Move Against Ajit Pawar Is A Politically-motivated Conspiracy,' Claims Shiv Sena

As per claims, the controversy revolves around the politics of who will be the next to lead the NCP after Sharad Pawar and be the party's CM face.

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Ajit Pawar, NCP

Shiv Sena reacts over the Pawar versus Pawar controversy in the NCP. (Image: PTI)

Amid the uncertainty persisting over Ajit Pawar's next political move, NCP chief Sharad Pawar appears to be lending a cold shoulder towards him. Apart from not calling him for the party's meeting, Ajit Pawar's name has also been left out of the star campaigner's list of the NCP for the upcoming Karnataka election. Not only this, Ajit Pawar's move of cancelling all his scheduled programs in Pune and Pimpli and returning back to Mumbai has fuelled speculations all the more of the Pawar versus Pawar rift in the party. 

Meanwhile, the entire political drama in the NCP has caught the eye of the leaders of the other political parties. The Shiv Sena has alleged that Ajit Pawar being ignored in the party is a conspiracy against him and is politically motivated. 

Ajit Pawar no more part of NCP, claims Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena leader and Member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Sanjay Shirsat, while talking exclusively to Republic, responded, "There is no reason to hang undecided over the present condition in the NCP. A change in Ajit Pawar's behaviour can be seen, a change in Sharad Pawar's approach towards Ajit Pawar can be seen, and this shows that rift between them has just widened. Ajit Pawar's name should have been there in the star campaigner's list for the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections, but his name was left out of the list. He has not even been called at the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) assembly scheduled for May 1st. All this shows that Ajit Pawar is no more a part of NCP now."

"If anyone's name comes after Sharad Pawar in the party, it is Ajit Pawar's. He has been a star campaigner for the party and has been a deputy chief minister of Maharashtra. Not calling him for the party's meeting and keeping him out of the star campaigner's list, what does all this show?" Shirsat said. 

According to the sources, the Pawar versus Pawar controversy in Maharashtra has left the NCP in splits. As far as Ajit Pawar's entire episode is concerned, the political experts say that the controversy revolves around the politics of who will be the next to lead the party after Sharad Pawar. 

It is being said that Supriya Sule, daughter of NCP chief Sharad Pawar is aspiring to become the chief minister (CM) of Maharashtra and that it is what NCP chief also wants. This is why he was never promoted by the party for the post of the CM of Maharashtra.

Considering the statements given by the Shiv Sena, Sharad Pawar had asked Ajit Pawar to take the charge as deputy CM, even though NCP had got more number of seats than Congress in the past. So, the rift indicates the political rivalry of being the most popular leader in the NCP.

As per claims, Ajit Pawar, being the most popular leader in the NCP, after Sharad Pawar, has been very active and has the support of maximum number on the ground. However, Supriya Sule is not much active as compared to Ajit Pawar, which is why it is being claimed that Anti-Ajit Pawar group in the NCP have launched campaigns against him out of insecurity.

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