Nitish Kumar's Cops Blurt Shameful Reason Republic TV Was Blocked


Republic TV on Wednesday has unearthed why only its reporters were not allowed into the event of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, amid the floods in the state

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Updated On:

Republic TV on Wednesday has unearthed why only its reporters were not allowed into the event of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, amid the floods in the state. Talking to police officers present at the event, Republic TV's Vivek Singh was informed that only media approved by the government were allowed into the event. The police added that if reporters taken prior permission to question the government, they would have been allowed into the event. The officers added that the crew should leave the premises before the CM left the venue.

Cops reveal reason for Republic TV being blocked at CM event

"Only if the government wants, can the press come. If the government doesn't want, how can the press enter? If the government says, 'No press allowed', no one will enter. If they (government) allows, then everyone will come." When informed about Republic TV being blocked , the officer named Vijay Narayan Manjhi said, "If you've been stopped, there must be a reason for it. Why weren't other media personnel stopped?"

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Cops defend Bihar government : 'It will answer all queries'

The police officers added that if questions were asked to the government at a suitable time, then all queries would have been answered. Manjhi added that no one would stop questions if prior permission had been taken. They also said that if Republic's reporters had not talked rudely to the CM on Tuesday, then they would have been allowed to enter the premise. They also said that on a single gesture, goons may thrash Republic TV reporters.

"No one will stop you from asking questions. You can ask questions and seek answers in a proper way, but do it at the right time. You should've taken permission. Before the CM comes, you people should leave," said the police.

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DPRO manhandles Republic TV reporter

Earlier in the day, Bihar's Nitish Kumar government yet again blocked Republic Media Network from attending his press conference at Patna's Gyan Bhavan. When reporters tried to confront the Dept. of Public Relations Officer (DPRO) on why Republic reporters were denied entry, visuals show the officer manhandling the reporter - Piyush Mishra, and trying to snatch his microphone away. Visuals show the officer catching the reporter's neck while denying that he was blocked from entering. After granting entrance, guards are then seen bodily lifting the reporter and escorting him out of the gate.

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Nitish Kumar blocks Republic TV

Previously on Tuesday, Nitish Kumar displayed shocking high-handedness and callousness while speaking about the floods in Bihar. When confronted by Republic TV's reporter about the plight of citizens, he asked the reporter “calm down” and reminded her of her young age and lack of experience (with respect to him). His security subsequently blocked Republic TV's reporter. He was then escorted from the place immediately by his guards.

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