No Confidence Motion Vote LIVE UPDATES: Narendra Modi-led NDA Government Faces Friday Numbers Test In Monsoon Session Of Parliament As Opposition Seeks To Deal Embarrassment


UPA chairperson and former Congress president Sonia Gandhi called a meeting of top party leaders on Thursday morning, in preparation for the No Confidence motion that is to be taken up a day later. 

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Update at 17:07 pm: The biggest matter of concern in the country today is the security of women which is causing the name of the country to be dishonoured. And yet, the government is silent.

Daily, banks' money is being looted. The money of the people of the country has been looted. And the looters have gone abroad-- not one, but 21.

- Tariq Anwar

Update at 17:05 pm: 'I stand in support of the no-trust vote. The promises this government made to people, in four years, the people haven't got anything'

It's been four years. Nothing has happened on the Lokpal Bill. The value of Rupee is falling day-by-day.

This government came into power on the promise of Vikas and Acche Din. However, there's neither Sabka Saath, nor Sabka Vikas

- Tariq Anwar

Update at 17:04 pm: Tariq Anwar of the NCP rises to make his speech

Update at 17:03 pm: Rajya Sabha has passed the Prevention of Corruption Amendment Bill, the Lok Sabha is informed, as Rajnath Singh finishes his speech.

Update at 17:02 pm: It's better if they work on the projects that have been sanctioned rather than insisting on Special Category Status - Rajnath Singh

Update at 16:57 pm: TDP expressed concerns and issues. Chandrababu Naidu is still our friend.

(Rajnath Singh spells out details of the AP Reorganisation act and of the allocations for the state)

TDP has been asking for Special Category Status. Finance Commission is looking into that. 

- Rajnath Singh

Update at 16:55 pm: Nobody can question the integrity of the PM. 

There are people who were born with Silver spoons. They can't hear the voice of farmers.

Poverty is a matter of hearing for some, not of feeling.

Our PM hasn't taken four minutes off from his duties in four years. 

- Rajnath Singh

Update at 16:52 pm: Do we want that the culture of Pakistan should be implemented in our country?

In West Bengal, a leader said there is a mini-Pakistan. ISIS flags have been seen. We have to combat such forces and crack down on them.

Update at 16:47 pm: Sometimes they use Hindu Pakistan, sometimes they use Hindu Taliban. Don't know what they're doing.

When Professor Joseph's arm was chopped off in Kerala, they didn't think of Taliban?

You talk of Hindu Taliban. Understand India's history and heritage before commenting anything.

- Rajnath Singh to Shashi Tharoor

Update at 16:44 pm: We have not tied the hands of our Army and Police. 

Mob lynchings shouldn't happen. There should be strict action. We will strongly back measures to clamp down on Mob lynching  Those raising mob lynchings should know that the biggest such incident happened in 1984. 

Those who said 'When a big tree falls, the ground shakes are today lecturing us on mob lynching?'

- Rajnath Singh

Update at 16:42 pm: (Speaking about North-East) There's been a 85% drop in insurgency. Vis-a-Vis Naxalism, previously there used to be more killings of security forces. Now that has been reversed. 

'There has been no incident of large-scale terrorist attack in the last four years'

- Rajnath Singh

Update at 16:34 pm:

When this session ends, Kharge ji and I will also hug outside Parliament, says Rajnath Singh

Update at 16:33 pm: I also don't like that hug gesture. There is a decorum to be maintained in Parliament. When he was there as a PM then MPs have to maintain decorum. After the hug, MP winks also. That's not good. Rahul Gandhi is not my enemy but I have to oppose also if something is wrong - Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan

Update at 16:31 pm: Lok Sabha resumes

Update at 16:18 pm: Lok Sabha adjourned till 4:30 pm

Update at 16:05 pm:  Opposition disregarded public sentiment.: Union Minister Rajnath Singh

'Opposition started a Chipko Andolan', says Rajnath Singh on Rahul Gandhi's hug

Update at 16:04 pm: After 15 years, a No Confidence Motion has been moved against a govt. We never moved a no-confidence motion in ten years when Congress was in power because we understood that the Congress had people's mandate: Union minister Rajnath Singh

Update 16:01 pm: Opposition forced to unite against us, NDA has a clear mandate: Union Minister Rajnath Singh

Update 16:00 pm: Union Minister Rajnath Singh leads Centre's attack in the Lok Sabha

Update at 15:51 pm: 

To protect one pc of the population, you are ignoring the 99 pc... what kind of nationalism are you preaching? JNU, AMU, BHU... you are searching for who is anti-national and who is a patriot.

You are searching anti-national people in JNU, Hyderabad University, in BHU but don't you see that who is real. At the country has landed in the hands of the 'jumlebaaz'

During intolerance, lynching debate here, the govt silence encouraged the perpetrators... you minister garlanded criminals.

- Mohd Salim (CPM)

Update at 15:49 pm: 

Update at 15:42 pm: 

"If he wants to hug someone he can do that outside the Parliament. His behaviour and conduct today was a childish act. He is a grownup but  it is very unfortunate that he is not acting like one", says  Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Ananth Kumar

Update at 15:36 pm: 

Update at 15:29 pm: Mulayam Singh Yadav on the No-Confidence debate

"Farmers and youths and small businessman are upset with this govt. Youth needs employment. They don't have jobs. Central govt should do something in this regard I gave jobs to youths during my tenure. But what central govt is doing they should have to answer. Nobody has any idea as what yogi is doing in Uttar Pradesh as chief minister", says Mulayam Singh Yadav

Update at 15:26 pm: 

I asked him during the break that which sort of drugs you took today because in past he called Punjabis as drug addicts. He noticed that I was smiling during the break but I think he ducked my question: Harsimrat Kaur Badal on Rahul Gandhi

Update at 15:05 pm: Randeep Singh Surjewala tweets on Rahul Gandhi's speech

Update at 15:03 pm: Bollywood will be next destination for Rahul Gandhi. He will do acting better: Kirron Kher

Update at 15:02 pm: PM Narendra Modi to speak on No Confidence Motion post 6:30 PM today: Sources 

Update at 14:57 pm: Rahul Gandhi leaves parliament

Update at 14:52 pm: Smriti Irani hits out at Rahul Gandhi over his speech.

We all have witnessed the lies propagated by Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha today. He had absolutely no proof but only political negative rhetoric and that itself has cost him in every election that he has fought: Union Minister Smriti Irani

Update at 14:43 pm: Tejashwi Yadav tweets on Rahul Gandhi winking

Update at 14:41 pm: 

The topics that Rahul Gandhi had raised today, did had some base. The image that PM Modi and BJP govt have created can be damaged with such allegations: Anandrao Adsul, Shiv Sena on Rahul Gandhi's Lok Sabha speech.

Update at 14:39 pm: As per sources BJP likely to move privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi over allegations made during his speech

Update at 14:36 pm: 

Update at 14:24 pm: Rahul Gandhi winks at Jyotiraditya Scindia

Update at 14:22 pm: P Venugopal of AIADMK begins speech and says 'Tamil Nadu is feeling neglected'

Update at 14:16 pm: 'Rahul Gandhi is an MP. He can't do this pappi-jhappi moment', says Harsimrat Kaur Badal

Update at 14:08 pm: As Rahul Gandhi concludes his speech, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan says "Don't create a drama Rahul ji". Following that, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman issues a defence over Rahul Gandhi's allegations, displaying the agreement.

Update at 14:07 pm: You may have hate for me. You may call me Pappu. But I have no hate for you. We are the Congress. The Congress has made the country. (Rahul Gandhi goes to hug PM Modi)

Update at 14:03 pm: You may think I have hatred in mind for the BJP, PM and RSS, but actually I'm thankful to them for teaching me the meaning of Congress. Even if someone attacks you, you should have love for them, this PM taught me. He taught me to be a Shiv Bhakt and a Hindu and for this I am thankful

Update at 14:02 pm: Members told me that I spoke well. Even your own members said I spoke well. That's because this voice is in you as well. This Akali Dal neta was smiling while looking at me. This feeling is in the whole country. And our job is to join this feeling together. The Opposition is going to combine and beat the PM in the elections

Update at 14:01: The PM and Mr. Amit Shah are two very different type of politicians. The difference between PM and Amit Shah and the rest of us, is while we are alright with losing power -- we are okay seeing ourselves out of power -- the PM and the president of the BJP cannot afford to lose power because if they do, other forces will work against them. And it is out of fear that they are working.

Update at 13:59 pm: Whenever someone is crushed, it's not just an attack on one person. It's an attack on BR Ambedkar's constitution. When your mantris talk of changing the constitution, they are attacking the country. And we will not stand for it. And the Prime Minister 

Update at 13:58 pm: When such a thing happens then it is incumbent on the PM to speak his heart on the matter - Rahul Gandhi

'I have spoken for a long time. I will now finish.'

Update at 13:57 pm: Wherever you look, somewhere, Indians are being subjected to violence and are being crushed. And the PM hasn't said a word, says Rahul Gandhi to uproar in the house.

Update at 13:55 pm: The whole country, dalits, minorities, everyone is facing atrocities. And the PM hasn't uttered a word. Are the women not of out country? Then why is the PM silent? - Rahul Gandhi

Update at 13:54 pm: It said on Economist magazine that India isn't able to take care of its women. Abroad, India's reputation is that for the first time, India isn't able to protect its women. There are gang rapes and atrocities. For the first time in the history of India, such a reputation is being formed about India 

- Rahul Gandhi

Update at 13:52 pm: Rahul Gandhi resumes speech, says 'Don't be scared of the truth'

'MSP is a new Jhumla Strike. I'd like to tell farmers of India that in MSP the PM has given you benefit of Rs 10,000 crore. Karnataka government has alone given its farmers benefit of Rs 34,000 crore.' - Rahul Gandhi

Update at 13:51 pm: Here the French PM's name was also taken. He's not even here - LS Speaker

Update at 13:46 pm: Want this debate to proceed smoothly. When you (Rahul Gandhi) named Defence Minister by naming her twice, she also gets right to respond. I have been in LS for a long time and seen a lot. And when there is an allegation, and the allegee has something to say, I've seen many big people also yielding. Yielding is not a loss of face - Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan

Update at 13:46 pm: Lok Sabha resumes

Update at 13:37 pm: Lok Sabha adjourned till 1:45 pm

Update at 13:35 pm: Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar says Rahul Gandhi should apologise for his false comments. Uproar in the house

Update at 13:33 pm: Speaker calls for order in the house

"Daro mat", shouts Rahul Gandhi repeatedly towards the government

Update at 13:31 pm: PM you gave amnesty to debt of Rs 2.5 lakh crores of businessmen. The farmers are also putting their hands together. But the FM says No! Because you don't wear suit-boot. In the whole world price of petrol and diesel is falling

-Rahul Gandhi

Update at 13:29 pm: Let's talk about foreign policy. When PM was on a swing with China's premier, hundreds of China's soldiers infiltrated in Doklam. Our soldiers showed their strength and stood against China's soldiers.

But shortly after that, PM Modi goes to China and says we will talk without agenda. This was China's agenda! Our soldiers did what the PM couldn't and gave a response to China. It's the truth! PM betrayed the soldiers.

- Rahul Gandhi

Update at 13:28 pm: Whole country has seen that I haven't made any unsubstantiated points about the PM and the truth is that he can't look me in the eye right now. The country has understood that he's not the chowkidaar, he's a Bhagidaar.

Update at 13:26 pm: Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Ananth Kumar raises point of order and quotes Rule 353 regarding making defamatory allegations against any member. 'Rahul Gandhi is breaking the rules. He is throwing procedure to the wind. The entire family doesn't care for the constitution and for Parliament', he says

Update at 13:23 pm: Everyone understands the relationship the PM has with certain businesspeople. Everyone understands the marketing money that goes into PM and where it comes from. One such person was given the contract for making planes. The contract was taken away from HAL and the gentleman benefited to the tune of Rs 45,000 crore.

PM Must explain whether Cabinet Committee on Security was consulted. And why was the contract given to this man who is heavily in debt and who has never built a plane in his life.

I can see the PM is smiling but there is a touch of nervousness too. The Prime Minister hasn't been truthful.

- Rahul Gandhi

Update at 13:18 pm: As Rahul Gandhi speaks about Rafale deal, MPs shout "Agusta"

Defence minister is here. She said she will give prices. Then she clearly said that she can't give the price as India and France have a secrecy pact.

I met the PM of France and asked whether there's a pact like this between India and France and he said there isn't.

- Rahul Gandhi

'He is misleading the house', says Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Lok Sabha speaker says she'll give her time to finish her point.

Update at 13:15 pm: When PM's face was published in Jio advertisement then we got to know that he's working only for a few industrialists.

"PM said 'I am a chowkidaar of this country', but when Amit Shah's son Jay Shah..." (uproar breaks out as members object to name being taken)

- Rahul Gandhi

Update at 13:14 pm: PM Modi goes abroad. He meets Trump. He doesn't meet small business people. He only interacts with suit-boot people.

Update at 13:13 pm: GST was brought by the Congress. You had opposed. Gujarat CM had opposed. We wanted one GST including Petrol/Diesel. Hindustan be charged one tax and there be least disruption.

PM Modi's GST has 5 different types and you have sent Income Tax department to houses of small business owners.

Update at 13:12 pm: 'Somewhere he says make Pakoras. Somewhere he says open shops. Where will jobs come from? They'll come from SMEs.

And what did you do? At 8 pm at night, PM took action by way of Demonetisation. May be there was no understanding that workers run their livelihoods in cash. In Surat, the people said that the PM's had injured them the most.'

- Rahul Gandhi

Update at 13:10 pm: Truth is that only 4 lakh youth have got jobs. What China does... 50,000 youth given jobs in 24 hours. In the same time you give 400 youth jobs, says Rahul Gandhi

Update at 13:08 pm:

'Where is Rs 15 lakh in people's accounts? - Jhumla Strike #1.

Jhumla Strike #2 - Employment to two crore youth each year. Which world are you in?'

- Rahul Gandhi

Update at 13:06 pm: Two very interesting speeches. I heard TDP's speech very carefully. In it, I sensed an anxiety and a deep feeling of pain. And I want to tell you that you are the victim of a 21st century political weapon. A fantastic weapon. And you're not alonw. It's called the Jhumla Strike. Symptoms are happiness and excitement. Then there's a feeling of shock and then, eight hour-long speeches. Farmers are also victims of the Jhumla Strike. The Dalits, youth tribals and women of the country are also victims, says Rahul Gandhi. 

Update at 13:05 pm: BJP's Rakesh Singh concludes speech. Rahul Gandhi begins

Update at 13:02 pm: Parties are uniting without ideology simply to defeat the Prime Minister and for the seat of power. It is clear that even the Congress has lost belief in itself and hence it's moving the No Confidence motion, says BJP's Rakesh Singh

Update at 13:01 pm: I accept that Congress doesn't want to hear about development in MP, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, says BJP's Rakesh Singh

Update at 12:59 pm: There are many schemes of M.P but since you're (Opposition) protesting I'd like to tell the people of M.P that the Congress isn't interested in your complaints, says BJP's Rakesh Singh

Update at 12:55 pm: In 2003, there were only 44,000 km of roads in M.P. Now there are 1,50,000 km of roads, says BJP's Rakesh Singh

Anurag Thakur to Opposition: If you are standing again and again to disrupt the BJP's MP, then we will also make sure that your neta won't speak. Please keep that in mind while disrupting

Update at 12:54 pm: The development work done by CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Madhya Pradesh is an example for all states, says BJP's Rakesh Singh

Update at 12:51 pm: Opposition tells Rakesh Singh to talk about only BJP-run states and Central government.

Anurag Thakur, BJP, to Opposition: The more you talk, the more your netas won't be able to speak

Update at 12:48 pm: When we see so much development work going on in the country, the Opposition should understand the significance of this government

Update at 12:44 pm: For the first time, the North East states are feeling like a part of the country, says BJP's Rakesh Singh

Update at 12:42 pm: With the increase in MSP, this government showed that we are with the farmers in the country

Update at 12:38 pm: When out Jawans taught the enemy a lesson by Surgical Strike, they questioned it, says BJP's Rakesh Singh

'We can't stop development work simply because of the frustration of a few people.'  

Update at 12:35 pm: They (Congress) used to be ashamed to use the word Shauchalya and because of that, women in the country were suffering, says BJP's Rakesh Singh

Update at 12:32 pm: Modi government provided electricity to the people. And in them, you can see a new brightness and optimism.

Update at 12:30 pm: In democracy, governments at Centre are committed to treating all states with respect. We cannot play favourites with any state, says BJP's Rakesh Singh

Update at 12:26 pm: BJP's Rakesh Singh - Congress had divided the country into votebanks. Which is why then PM Manmohan Singh said first right over resources in the country is for Minorities. I have no hesitation in saying that in reality, the first right is that of the poor, as PM Modi said.

'NDA government has risen above caste and community politics.'

'Whole country says schemes aren't on account of differences anymore but over needs.'

'Congress has given the country a daagdar sarkar. Modi government has given the country a dumdar sarkar.'

Update at 12:21 pm: Because of the 'family', the Karnataka CM had to present such a face, says BJP's Rakesh Singh

'In 48 years, Congress has done politics of scams while in 48 months we have done politics of schemes'

Update at 12:16 pm: How can we forget how the entire country just saw Kumaraswamy crying?, says BJP's Rakesh Singh

Update at 12:12 pm: BJP's Rakesh Singh begins his speech

Update at 12:10 pm: After speaking for 58 minutes against an allotted time of 13 minutes, TDP's Jayadev Galla concludes

Update at 12:09 pm: Am sure that PM, BJP president, and FM realise it would be folly to ignore reality

Update at 12:07 pm: Following TDP's Jayadev Galla, BJP's Rakesh Singh will speak, followed by Rahul Gandhi of the Congress

Update at 12:06 pm: Uproar on both sides as TDP's Jayadev Galla exceeds speech by more than 20 minutes.

Update at 12:05 pm: TDP waited for 5 budgets of the government. No justice has been done, says Jayadev Galla of the TDP

Update at 11:59 am: An amount of $68 billion was used to build the capital of Azerbaijan. How can Amaravathi be built at a fraction of that?, says Jayadev Galla of the TDP

Update at 11:49 am: National parties did nothing for Odisha. We are not taking place in the voting process: BJD

Update at 11:46 am: Now the government has completed four years. They will put forth their side, we'll put forth ours, says Kamal Nath, Congress

'What AP has been given is a pittance. And we have spent 92% of our allocation', says Jayadev Galla of the TDP

Update at 11:41 am: LJP's stand is very clear. We are with the NDS. We are hoping that in 2019 even Shiv Sena will come out as a strong supporter: Chirag Paswan

'I appeal to PM and Finance Minister to realise this and announce Special Category status to A.P', says Jayadev Galla, RDP

Update at 11:40 am: In history of No confidence motions, nobody has had an initiating discussion less than one hour, says TDP's Jayadev Galla after Speaker tell him to wind up in 5 minutes and 'Please stick to the present situation'

Update at 11:36 am: We are with the government, says Bihar CM and JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar

Update at 11:35 am: 

Update at 11:34 am: 'The BJP will be decimated in AP if the people are deceived and cheated.', says Jayadev Galla of the TDP

Update at 11:31 am: 'Mr PM. Do you have respect for commitments made by your predecessors? Should you have a choice?', says Jayadev Galla of the TDP

Update at 11:30 am: Modiji said Congress saved the child but not the Mother. He said he would have saved the Mother too, says Jayadev Galla of the TDP

Update at 11:27 am: As Jayadev Galla of the TDP speaks of majority of institutions having gone to Telangana, TRS MPs heckle him

Update at 11:23 am: Both national parties, Congress and BJP have crippled Andhra Pradesh, says Jayadev Galla of the TDP

Update at 11:21 am:  

Shiv Sena MP Anil Desai to Republic TV: “Shiv Sena has decided to stay away from the entire legislative process. The decision was taken by the party chief.” 

Shiv Sena MP Anandrao Adsul will make a statement. 

Update at 11:18 am: When AP was formed it was burdened with huge budgetary deficit, says Jayadev Galla of the TDP as shouting breaks out in the Lok Sabha

Update at 11:17 am: 4 years since bill was passed. Telangana is not a new state, AP is. All the new state burdens are being faced by us, says Jayadev Galla of the TDP.

'We continue to struggle with uncertainty and the Modi regime is creating more uncertainty for us.' 

Update at 11:16 am: This no confidence has been brought by TDP because of lack of fairness, trust, priority and unbiased approach towards people of AP, says Jayadev Galla of the TDP.

Update at 11:13: The saga of AP under Modi-Shah regime is a saga of unfulfilled promises, says Jayadev Galla after making reference to a Telugu blockbuster.

Issues of AP are national issues. They are a litmus test for Parliament to consider.

It's not a war between BJP and TDP. It's a war against discrimination by Modi government against people of Parliament. It is a 'dharma yuddh'.

Update at 11:12: Jayadev Galla of the TDP begins address to house and moves motion.

'Would like to thanks AAP, AIMIM, CPI, CPM Congress, Kerala Cong, RJD, SP and other parties who have extended support'

Update at 11:11: We have kept points in mind. Don't want debate over time allocation issue, says Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan

Update at 11:10 am: We want to conclude this debate by today only, says Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar

Update at 11:09 am: Kalyan Banerjee of the TMC says, 'Opposition should be given more time'

Update at 11:08 am: BJD walks out

Update at 11:05 am: We will take up motion of No Confidence. I am declaring 6 pm for voting. If the house agrees we will skip lunch today. Time has been allotted to each party and we will try to abide by it: Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan

We had come to you with a delegation. We requested that the time that has been allotted. Throughout the country people are watching. I request you, don't put limitation for time. There are so many precedents that vote of No Confidence has been held for 2-3 days. So if you sum up in one day, is it justifiable?: Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress

Update at 11:01 am: Lok Sabha proceedings for the day underway

Update at 10:58 am: 'Since 2014, in the Lok Sabha and in all the Assembly elections, the people have supported the BJP and NDA', says Parliamentary Affairs MoS Ananth Kumar

Update at 10:53 am: PM, Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh begin meeting before session begins

Update at 10:51 am: TRS MP Suman - We will demand the unfulfilled promises of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act to be fulfilled. These impact the new state of Telangana. We are yet to decide on whether to vote or not. All will depend on the reply by PM

Update at 10:48 am: 

Update at 10:45 am: AIADMK confirms they will vote against the No Confidence motion and will be on the government's side

Update at 10:41 am: Shiv Sena's Sanjay Raut to Republic TV - We will abstain from voting

Update at 10:37 am: Shiv Sena Parliamentary party meeting begins at Parliament. Anil Desai, Arvind Sawant, Anant Geete and other MPs are present

Update at 10:31 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Parliament. Will meet top ministers

Update at 10:30 am: Congress' Mallikarjun Kharge says, 'Why did they give such less time to us to speak? How can we debate in such little time?'

Update at 10:22 am: Amit Shah and Ananth Kumar flash the victory sign ahead of the No Confidence motion vote

Update at 10:20 am: Rakesh Singh and not Home Minister Rajnath Singh will begin the discussion from the BJP

Update at 10:09 am: On breaking party whip -

"The speaker of the Lok Sabha is the Custodian/Guardian of proceedings in Lok Sabha. The speaker is empowered with powers for withdrawal and suspension of members under Rule 373, 374 and 374 A of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha in case of where any member is in Gross or Grave disorder.

That such withdrawal/suspension can be subject matter of further enquiry and in case WHIP is disobeyed or not followed by the concerned member of the political party, it shall lead to disqualification of said erring member and such disqualification will lead to barring the disqualified member from contesting any future election."

Update at 10:00 am: Akali Dal's Prem Singh Chandumarja says, 'Have 100% confidence that No Confidence will fail today. Opposition has nothing. We will win'

Update at 9:57 am: 

Update at 9:53 am: TDP MP Diwakar Reddy who had claimed he won't vote in the No Confidence motion and wouldn't even attend the Monsoon session has landed in Delhi and is on his way to Parliament, as per sources

Update at 9:44 am: Andhra Pradesh CM and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu teleconferenced with party MPs and told them the following:

  • No Confidence motion is a result of the relentless agitation of the TDP.
  • He told them to strongly voice the issues of 5 crore people of Andhra Pradesh and to expose Opportunistic politics.
  • Who is with BJP and who isn't will be exposed
  • Our next course of action will depend on Prime Minister's reply

Update at 9:35 am: Congress doesn't have mandate either inside or outside Parliament, says MoS Home Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

Update at 9:34 am: PM Modi to meet top ministers and Amit Shah at 10:50 am inside his chambers in Parliament

Update at 9:21 am: MoS Parliamentary Affairs Vijay Goel says, 'Everyone in the country knows Narendra Modi has mandate. We are confident Sonia Gandhi's calculations are wrong. She doesn't have the numbers.'

Update at 9:14 am: Speaker for RJD will be JP Narayan Yadav, who has said, "There is no confidence in the government now. All their promises are fake. They promised special category status to Bihar but they didn't reflect it. Bihar is suffering from flood and poverty. They are attacking minorities. We'll defeat them today and if not today, then in 2019, they will see"

Update at 9:10 am: NDA speakers - Prime Minister Narendra Modi (will reply at the end of the debate), Rajnath Singh, Virendra Singh, Rakesh Singh, Meenakshi Lekhi, Arjun Ram Meghwal, Harsimrat Badal, Ram Vilas Paswan

Update at 9:02 am: Opposition parties to meet Lok Sabha speaker ahead of the start of the session to complain about the time allotted to Opposition parties to speak

Update at 8:59 am: CPI(M) speaker for Lok Sabha No Confidence motion will be Mohammad Salim

Update at 8:56 am: Vinod Kumar to speak from TRS, Tariq Anwar for NCP

Sanjay Raut of the Shiv Sena says: 'Let's see what the Opposition will do. Everyone will speak according to their own will. Country is watching as to what the Shiv Sena will do. Party chief will let us know what we have to do'

Update at 8:44 am: Rahul Gandhi, Mallikarjun Kharge and Jyotiraditya Scindia to be Congress speakers

First speaker for AIADMK will be Dr Venugopal

Update at 8:38 am: Opposition MPs to hold meeting at 10 am in Parliament with all the floor leaders chairing. Simultaneous meetings of Shiv Sena to be held

Update at 8:33 am: For TMC, first speaker is Professor Sougata Roy and if time permits the second speaker will be Dinesh Trivedi, as per sources

Update at 8:30 am: Jaydev Galla will be the first speaker for TDP. If time permits then it will be Rammohan Naidu next, as per sources 

Update at 8:20 am:

Update at 8:15 am: BJP issues whip - 

Party will take strict action against those who skip the House. Party also thinking of disqualification if MPs miss the house during debate

Update at 8:14 am: Whip issued by TDP -

All TDP Members in Loksabha are hereby informed that No-Confidence Motion will be taken up for discussion in the Loksabha on Friday,the 20th July,2018.

All Members of TDP in Lok Sabha are, therefore, requested to be positively present in the House throughout  and support the "No-Confidence Motion "against the Council of Ministers

Update at 7:46 am (Friday)

Update at 23:02 pm: 

Home Minister Rajnath Singh likely to be the opening speaker for BJP for the 'No Confidence Motion'

Update at 18:18 pm:

Time has been allotted to various parties to make their arguments in the Lok Sabha for the No Confidence motion - 

BJP (273 seats) - 3 hours 33 minutes
Congress (48 seats) - 38 minutes
AIADMK (37 seats) - 29 minutes
Trinamool Congress (34 seats) - 27 minutes
BJD (19 seats) - 15 minutes
Shiv Sena (18 seats) - 14 minutes
TDP (16 seats) - 13 minutes
TRS (11 seats) - 9 minutes
CPI(M) (9 seats) - 7 minutes
NCP (7 seats) - 6 minutes
SP (7 seats) - 6 minutes
LJSP (6 seats) - 5 minutes
Remaining parties - 38 minutes

Update at 16:15 pm: Congress party issues three-line whip to party MPs in Lok Sabha to be present for the No Confidence motion

Update at 14:51 pm: Shiv Sena issues a three-line-whip to its Lok Sabha MPs -

Update at 14:31 pm: Amit Shah chairs BJP strategy meeting ahead of the No Confidence vote. Meeting being held in Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar's chambers. BJP chief whip in Lok Sabha Anurag Thakur also present

Update at 13:57 pm: Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray assures support to government in No Confidence vote after speaking to BJP president Amit Shah. Sena to hold a meeting of its parliamentary party at 10 am on Friday

Update at 13:32 pm: NDA ally and LJP chief Ram Vilas Paswan hits out at TDP. 'They were with the NDA for four years. What happened in the fifth year?' 

Update at 12:48 pm: BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav, speaking about the No Confidence motion, says, 'I am surprised that the Congress party is talking about having numbers. We will see today and tomorrow which regional parties will get together with Congress as a B-team'

Update at 12:38 pm: MoS Babul Supriyo, speaking about the No Confidence motion, says, 'Opposition wants to waste time'.

Update at 11:49 am: Despite attempts by the Congress, KCR-led TRS still non-committal on whom it will vote for in the No Confidence motion

Update at 11:43 am:

TN CM E Palanisamy has said that the AIADMK will not support the No Confidence motion.

'No Confidence motion is brought by TDP for their state-related issue. We will not support. When AIADMK fought for Cauvery issue in Parliament for 22 days in the last session, no political party from any other state came to offer support. Why should we support other state's cause when nobody stood by us?'

Update at 11:19 am: As per sources, rebel BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha will vote in favour of the NDA in the No Confidence vote

Update at 11:02 am:

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has issued the following letter to all his MPs

Update at 10:56 am: 

Congress protests outside Parliament hurling slogans such as: "Modi Sarkar Hai Hai, Jhoothe Vaade Band karo, Kisaano Pe Atyachaar Band Karo'. Speaking to reporters, Jyotiraditya Scindia hits out at the government over alleged broken promises to farmers. 

Update at 10:45 am: YSR Congress protesting in Parliament premises for special category status for Andhra Pradesh

Update at 10:39 am: 

DMK working president Stalin states that his party will whole-heartedly support the no-confidence motion against BJP. Though they don't have even one MP in Lok Sabha, Stalin said that the DMK will morally support the motion.

Stalin has called for Opposition parties to unite against the BJP government 'as it is representing Hindutva agenda and to save Parliamentary democracy.' He has alleged that the BJP government, through Demonetization and GST had destroyed the Nation's economy.

Alleging that the BJP has made Raj Bhavan its headquarters in every state, Stalin has requested the AIADMK to vote against the BJP government.

Update at 10:34 am: As per sources, Congress President Rahul Gandhi will speak on Friday during the No Confidence motion

Update at 10:31 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet top ministers before Parliament commences.

RJD will support No Confidence motion in Parliament by voting against the Modi government.

TDP has sought cooperation and support from Aam Aadmi Party for their fight against the Centre for 'justice for Andhra Pradesh'.

Update at 10:30 am: Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar- 'Sonia Gandhi's maths is weak, she's not being able to add the numbers. Modi government has full support. We will vote against this motion. The NDA is united and will get support from all sides.'

UPA chairperson and former Congress president Sonia Gandhi called a meeting of top party leaders on Thursday morning, in preparation for the No Confidence motion that is to be taken up a day later. 

Following the meeting with Sonia Gandhi, senior Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and Mallikarjun Kharge are likely to meet Opposition party leaders for a larger strategy meeting, as the Congress goes about trying to live up to Sonia Gandhi's challenge that she has the required numbers for the No Confidence vote.

After not being taken up during the largely washed-out Budget Session of Parliament, a No Confidence motion by the TDP's Kesineni Sriniwas was admitted by Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan shortly after the Monsoon Session began on Wednesday. As per sources, a total of 12 parties tried to move No Confidence motions. The date and time was then set for Friday.

Shortly before the Monsoon Session began, the Prime Minister said outside Parliament that the government was ready to take up any discussion proposed by any party, and appealed to all members to make the most of the time available in both houses, and thereby also set an example for state assemblies. What followed, was a largely productive Day 1, with Question Hour being taken up successfully and even Congress leaders participating.


"Many important matters that need to be deliberated on and discussed. The better and more constructive the discussion will be, the better it will be for the country. The Government will also benefit from good ideas. I ask all the parties to make the best of the limited time that is available to both houses to work towards the country's progress."

"Let an example also be set for all state assemblies. I have faith. I have stated my faith before. I am stating it again. Our attempt to have a smooth session will continue."

"If any party wants to talk on any issue, the government is ready. This is the Monsoon session. Because of Monsoon there are a number of issues in the country that need discussion. Discussion on this will also be very important."

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However, parties' thoughts have turned to Friday with a number of whips being issued to ensure all MPs are on hand for the debate and ensuing vote. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar has said that the government is confident of winning comfortably.

While the no-confidence motion doesn't necessarily pose a destabilisation threat to the NDA government, as the BJP is close to a majority on its own even without its allies, it does put the onus on fence-sitter parties to pick sides and provides a chance for both Government and Opposition to make a political point.


Total Lok Sabha seats: 543
Current Lok Sabha members: 536
Halfway mark: 268

Support for Government:

BJP: 273 seats
Shiromani Akali Dal: 4 seats
Lok Janshakti Party: 6 seats
JD(U): 2 seats
Others: 10 seats

Total: 295 seats

For No-Confidence:

Congress: 48 seats
Trinamool Congress: 34 seats
Telugu Desam Party: 16
CPI(M): 9
Samajwadi Party: 7 seats
NCP: 7 seats
RJD: 4 seats
AAP: 4 seats
AIMIM: 1 seat
CPI: 1 seat
RLD: 1 seat

Total: 132 seats 


AIADMK: 37 seats (Have since said they won't vote in favour of No Confidence motion)
BJD: 20 seats
Shiv Sena: 18 seats 
TRS: 11 seats

Total: 86 seats

So how does this play out?

Scenario 1: NDA versus Opposition

Current Lok Sabha: 536
Halfway mark: 268 

For NDA: 295
For No-Confidence: 132

Congress short of: 136

Scenario 2: If fence-sitters back Sonia Gandhi

Halfway mark: 268

For No-Confidence: 132
Undecided votes: 86
Congress still short of: 46

The Friday No Confidence vote will be the 27th one in the history of India, with Indira Gandhi, herself, having faced 15 of these. The last No Confidence vote was held in 2008 after the CPI(M)-led Left Front withdrew support from the Manmohan Singh-led UPA-1. The then government managed to prove its majority, however. 


Talk of a united opposition has been ongoing ever since the BJP's stunning performance in the Assembly elections in three North-East states that were held earlier this year. At that time, it was West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and her Telangana counterpart K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) who had voiced the need for a united opposition to challenge not just the BJP, but the Congress as well.

The ranks of the opposition were bolstered when the TDP announced its departure from the NDA government over the issue of Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh, which culminated on Wednesday in the Lok Sabha Speaker admitting the Chandrababu Naidu-led party's No-Confidence motion against the Modi government. 

Meanwhile, the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party, two very large regional parties in the most electorally significant state, Uttar Pradesh, came together for the Gorakhpur and Phulpur Lok Sabha bypolls to hand embarrassing defeats to U.P CM Yogi Adityanath and Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya who were the last holders of those seats.

The biggest show of strength, however, was made at the swearing-in of the HD Kumaraswamy-led Congress-JD(S) government in Karnataka where leaders of a number of parties, including TDP, TMC, Congress, JD(S), RJD, NCP, AAP and others came together. However, it was also around this time that the Opposition received its biggest setback, as Rahul Gandhi statement declaring that he would be the Prime Minister if the Congress has the numbers, made towards the end of the election campaign, drew criticism from Opposition members, and may have contributed to Mamata Banerjee and Chandrababu Naidu changing tact and championing regional parties at the expense of the Congress.

With the 2019 Elections looming large, key assembly elections in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Mizoram to come, and given the political situation in Jammu and Kashmir the events of Friday will give all parties and voters a clearer picture of who stands where.


The monsoon session of Parliament begins on July 18 and ends on August 10. Eighteen new bills, including the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) bill, 2018, are expected to be introduced. The government is also expecting to transact crucial business in this 18-day-long session.  Additionally, they are expected to push Triple Talaq and National Medical Commission Bill in Rajya Sabha where the NDA still doesn't have numbers decisive enough to clear legislation.

Follow all developments from Parliament, including on the all-important No Confidence motion, here.

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