#SunandaLeelaTapes | Watch Tharoor’s ‘friend’ Change Versions

Written By Annanya Johari | Mumbai | Published:

Shashi Tharoor’s ‘friend’ Rao Rajan was in the room where Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Congress leader Shashi Tharoor was found dead. On speaking to Republic TV, he changed his narrative multiple times. When questioned on how he landed up in the room, he was confused and later went on to stumble over his own stories.

Now, the question which arises here is why was Rao Rajan changing his versions, and how did Tharoor’s ‘friend’ land up at the murder location?

Following are the five versions put forth by Rao Rajan in various conversations.

Version 1: Rao Rajan claims he was not at the Leela at all

Arnab - So, you were staying at the Leela Hotel in January 2014, for how long were you staying?

Rajan - no sir, I was not staying in January 2014, no. I was not staying at that time, it will be on the record everywhere, I was not staying anywhere. anything else sir?

(line gets disconnected and we reconnect)

Prema - Mr. Rajan Rao, the line got cut, please hear the question and then give the answer ok?

Arnab - My first question to you is that you were staying in Leela hotel in January 2014, how long were you staying there?

Rajan - In January 2014, I was not staying there, I was there for 5 months or something

Arnab - 5 months you were staying at the Leela Hotel

Rajan - may be from January 2012, I don’t remember the year, but whatever you are saying, 2014, I was not staying there

Arnab - ok, so where were you on the day that Sunanda was killed?

Rajan - I was sitting with a friend, I had just heard it on the news and that's it

Version 2: Rao Rajan claims that he got to know about Sunanda’s murder from media reports.

Arnab - Ok, so where were you on the day that Sunanda was killed?

Rajan - I was sitting with a friend, I had just heard it on the news and that's it

Prema - What was your location?

Rajan -  What it has got to do with anything ma’am

Arnab - Answer the question Mr. Rao, what was your location?

Rajan - Why should I tell you where I was, you find out

Arnab - Where were you at about 1 on the day that Sunanda was killed?

Rajan - 1 o'clock my location was Nizamuddin

Arnab - And what were you doing in Nizamuddin?

Rajan - What I was doing in Nizamuddin, I don’t, I don’t like to, why should I reveal

Version 3: that he got a call from a reporter from a tv channel informing him because he was close to Shashi Tharoor.

Rajan - How will I remember the exact time? I got a confirmation when I got a call from a reporter because she knew that I'm friends with Shashi so she asked me did something of this sort happen with your friend, then I got the confirmation from the media

Arnab - You got confirmation from the media but you are friends with Shashi Tharoor

Rajan - Yes, I'm friends with him

Arnab - What kind of friendship, like what is your nature of friendship, how do you know each other?

Rajan - We used to meet sometimes, occasionally, once in two three four months

Version 4: Claims that he got a call from Tharoor’s own ex OSD Vikas Ahlawat, telling him Sunanda had fainted.

Arnab - Mr. Rajan, I am asking you a question, you just changed your narrative twice

Rajan - What narrative, I first got to know that she had fainted, I got a confirmation from the media that she was no more

Arnab - Who told you she fainted?

Rajan - I told you already, his OSD

Arnab - His OSD told you that she had fainted?

Rajan - Yes

Arnab - What is the OSD’s name?

Rajan - everybody knows his name, Vikas

Arnab - Vikas, his OSD, phoned you and told you that Sunanda is unconscious

Rajan - Yes

Prema - Why did he inform you?

Arnab - Why did he inform you?

Rajan - What do I tell you?

Prema - If she had fainted, they should have informed the doctor no? Why did they inform you?

Arnab  - Why were you informed that she was unconscious, Mr Rajan rao please explain, Rao? Are you listening to me? You have just given a very important bit of information that you were called by Shashi Tharoor’s assistant Vikas and you were told that Sunanda was unconscious.

Version 5: In the sting in his car, Rao Rajan claimed that he was sitting with Tharoor's OSD when the OSD got a call that Sunanda had fainted.

Rajan Rao: Vikas had resigned as the OSD. That’s what I know.

Prema: hmm

Rajan Rao: He had come to meet me. He got a call then that she is unconscious or something like that and he asked me, 'Will you come with me?' in matters like this, you can't say...The society that I belong to...on such a matter if you say...he said you are in Leela, you confirm and see if you can help. So I couldn't say no, so I went along.