Odd-Even: Congress Slams Delhi CM Kejriwal, Cites 'pollution Down' Ads

Written By Varsha Chavan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Haroon Yusuf accused CM Kejriwal of fooling the people of Delhi by introducing the same scheme again just months before the elections
  • He also said that the government is spending crores on the advertisements and hoardings but providing no results
  • Delhi CM Kejirwal reintroduced the odd-even rule in Delhi from November 4-15

In an exclusive interview with Republic TV on Friday, Indian National Congress leader Haroon Yusuf has reacted to the announcement made by Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal on the comeback of the odd-even vehicle rule from November 4 to November 15. He accused Kejriwal of fooling the people of Delhi by introducing the same scheme again just months before the election and spending crores on the advertisements and hoardings but providing no results.

Haroon Yusuf's reaction

Reacting to the odd-even rule making a comeback in Delhi, Haroon Yusuf questioned Kejriwal's decision. He said, "Why is Arvind Kejriwal even bringing the rule back? What results have we achieved when it was launched in 2016? Today we see full-page advertisements of Kejriwal claiming that pollution has gone down then why do we need odd even now? It will only create inconvenience to lakhs and lakhs of people in Delhi."

"People who are rich can afford to have odd-even cars both, middle-class and lower-middle-class people can always hire cabs but what about common citizens of Delhi?" He went on to add.

He also mentioned that "Kejriwal has done this drama three years ago by comparing the lungs of children of Himachal and Delhi but what has he done to increase the green cover? Thousand of trees have been cut down under his governance."

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Haroon also alleged that Kejriwal failed his promise to people of Delhi that he would provide a fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) air quality. He said, "Kejriwal has promised the people of Delhi that he will bring mechanical sweeping machines. how many are there? Those machines only work on a flat surface and the roads of Delhi are filled with gaddas. After sweeping the place the dust is collected in one particular place and due to movement of cars and heavy vehicle on the roads the dust goes back into the air is that is what PM 2.5 he is going to give the people."

Yusuf also mentioned that "Kejriwal has a habit of repeating the same thing after some time because he has nothing new to offer. He must be clear in his mind."

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Measures taken by the Delhi government to curb pollution

The Delhi government has come up with its seven-point action plan that has identified 12 spots across the national capital which witnesses high levels of pollution. According to Kejriwal, special attention would be paid to these areas and a separate plan will be made for them. He also said that the government will procure N95 category masks for the public on a massive scale and that they will be made available to the public, free of cost in October.

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Additionally, a massive plantation drive is also scheduled to be undertaken and a helpline number will also be released to ensure saplings are delivered to the people in their homes. After the ban by the Supreme Court on the sale of crackers in the national capital. The Chief Minister said that on the eve of Chhoti Diwali, the government is planning to organize a laser show and has urged the public to gather in huge numbers to enjoy the show rather than bursting crackers.

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