Owaisi Scalds Mamata In Point-by-point Rebuttal; Mirrors Extremist Jibe


Owaisi said that AIMIM's presence has only increased and has become a stronger party in the state, which is making her anxious and make such statements

Written By Devarshi mankad | Mumbai | Updated On:

Asaduddin Owaisi, leader of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), hit back at TMC chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee after the latter, in a veiled attack, said that Hyderabad-based "extremists" from "minorities" were "taking money from the BJP". 

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'She could not stop the BJP in WB'

Owaisi replied at the Parliament on Tuesday and said, "I am standing in from of the Parliament building an I'm talking to you. We have full faith in this building and will continue to have faith. I am fighting for constitutional rights - social empowerment, political empowerment, and educational empowerment. Our fight is for justice. If Mamata Banerjee calls it 'extremism', I cannot say anything. Extremism is letting BJP win 18 seats in her own state. Extremism is abusing me and insulting those who 100% voted for her, and yet, could not stop the BJP juggernaut."

He went on to speak about how the appeasing voters through trivial actions will not appeal to them, adding, "Why are the social indicators of Bengal Muslim's social, educational, economic indicators bad? I'm appealing with all humility to the Bengal Chief Minister to stop indulging in these frivolous activities of raising hands for 'dua', organizing a 'dawaat' for Iftaar, etc does not appeal to the Muslims. Being the Chief Minister, she has not done anything and is blaming me for extremism. My problem is that those who stand up against the so-called secular parties are extreme, and those who stand up against the BJP are labeled as Jinnah 2. Please introspect."

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Owaisi said that AIMIM's presence has only increased and has become a stronger party in the state, which is making her anxious and make such statements. He said, "She can keep on accusing me, no problem. But it only goes on to send a message to the Bengali Muslims that Owaisi's party has now become a formidable force in the state. The voters, till yesterday, did not have an option but now that they have an option, she is getting frustrated and is getting scared. I'm appealing to Mamata Banerjee that Bengali Muslims have changed. They are not scared by you or by the BJP. They want empowerment and are of actual secular values. But she is not able to understand this and is basically venting the frustration by making such statements."

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