'Pakistan Is Our Ally' Says Shamsher Singh, Member Of The Front For Khalistani Groups

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  • Members of the ‘Break India’ movement of the ‘front for Khalistani groups’ have been caught on camera
  • "Pakistan recognises Khalistan as a legitimate nation. They are naturally our 100% ally,” said Shamsher Singh

In an exclusive sting operation conducted by Republic TV‘s Senior News Editor Shawan Sen, Shamsher Singh the founding members of the National Sikh Youth Federation, a pro-Khalistan front organisation based in the UK spills beans on how Pakistan is fomenting the secessionist Khalistan demand.

Shamsher Singh, is on tape, saying ‘Pakistan is our ally. And Pakistan has not committed any genocide against Sikhs.’ He goes on to assert that “Pakistan recognizes Khalistan as a legitimate nation.”

On being asked “So, it's a natural ally you would say?” by  Republic TV‘s Senior News Editor Shawan Sen, the only response of Shamsher Singh is to say “yeah, 100%”


Shamsher Singh on Kkhalistan


The claims of a Pakistani connection to the secessionist demand, raise many other questions. Consider this:

In August this year, President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) and leader of Akali Dal, Manjit Singh GK was attacked twice in the USA.. On 20th August, he was attacked by a group of Khalistan supporters in New York and on 25th August, he was attacked at the Yuba City Gurdwara in California where he was pushed to the ground and his face was blackened. 

One week earlier, Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu had hugged the Pakistan Army Chief Bajwa during his visit to Islamabad, Pakistan for the swearing-in ceremony of Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of Pakistan

In fact, Gopal Chawla, the aide of Hafiz Saeed, the terrorist who masterminded the 26/11 attack, expressed his support for the attack on the member of Akali Dal is the same man who supported Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu’s hug.

With the open link between Khalistan secessionists and Pakistan, is there a larger design at play?