Shaheen Bagh STING: They Couldn't Succeed In JNU So Planned This, Says BJP's Manoj Tiwari


Reacting to the biggest expose on Shaheen Bagh protest by Republic TV, BJP Delhi Chief Manoj Tiwari on Sunday said 'their aim is to create unrest in Delhi'

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Republic TV on Sunday exposed the 'organic' anti-CAA protests occurring in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh and stung ex-JNU student and Shaheen Bagh Coordination Committee chief, Sharjeel Imam. Reacting to the biggest expose, BJP Delhi Chief Manoj Tiwari said, "Everyone needs to understand that some people, some students in JNU run this campaign in which their aim is to create an atmosphere of unrest in Delhi and in the country."

'We have to be careful...'

He added, "They also want to incite violence, create a disturbance, disrupt the daily life of the people. When they could not succeed in the JNU, they are now coming out and spreading their poisonous campaign. But the way I understand it, people of Delhi and especially the Muslim community have not fallen into their traps and they will not in the future as well. We have to be careful because few people of the JNU have assailed the country with their motive of 'Tukde Tukde' and we will have to answer them."

'Political parties are trying to take advantage of this'

Speaking about the Congress' using the violence for its political gains as the violence broke out in several universities just ahead of the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections, Tiwari said, "Here, there are many conspiracies here, be it Shaheen Bagh or the violence against CAA, or the one in JNU, behind all this, the thing is nobody from the country has any problem with it, only the political parties are trying to take advantage of this.

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Sharjeel Imam revealed on the sting that he wanted to attract the western media by blocking the roads of the national capital for a day. Stung by Republic TV's News editor Amit Chaudhary, Imam claimed that 60-70 students had distributed pamphlets around Delhi to organise the protests which began on December 14 at Shaheen Bagh. Currently, Shaheen Bagh is witnessing many protests that are increasingly being taken over by political parties.

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Sharjeel Imam admits protests to attract 'western media'

"We met on Thursday - 5 December and decided to distribute pamphlets about CAA on Friday. We got at least 10,000 to 15,000 pamphlets published and at least 60-70 students from JNU. Different teams covered Old Delhi, Seelampur, Okhla, I myself went to Nizamuddin. That is how it all began," said Imam, explaining the origins of the protests. He added, "We thought if block roads for a day, it will be good. The profit behind that is that we will get international media's attention."

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