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PFJ Founder’s Video Out; Claims 'Repealing Farm Laws Is Beginning', Gives 'Khalistan' Call

Pro-Khalistani group Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF) founder Mo Dhaliwal's video talking about 'repealing India's Farm Laws' has surfaced on Friday amid probe

As Delhi police continue to probe into the 'tool kit' shared by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, pro-Khalistani group Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF) founder Mo Dhaliwal's video talking about 'repealing India's Farm Laws' has surfaced on Friday. Shared by ANI, the undated video shows Dhaliwal claiming that the 'repealing of the farm laws was the beginning of the battle'. Naming the Khalistan movement, he claimed that all movements from the Farm Bill protest to the Khalistan movement were all 'part of the same struggle'.

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PFJ founder's video emerges

Seen standing at the steps of a Canadian building, he says,"If the Farm Bills get repealed tomorrow, that is not a victory. The battle begins with Farm Bill victory, it does not end there. If someone tells you this, they are trying to separate you from the farmers' movement, the Khalistan movement. Fifty years later we are seeing what the Khalistani people envisioned, if we had got a seperate land then we would not have to see such a situation. Don't close your eyes and hearts  if you see Khalistan written - ask them why they are here."

Justifying the call for a seperate Khalistan, he added, "Nobody wants be a radical or terrorist. Nobody wants to leave home or die young. Nobody would be part of an independent movement unless we are in such pain and oppression that they could not live in their homeland. My uncle was killed because he became a Khalistani. It does not matter if you are carrying a Kisan Ekta Mazdoor Zindabad flag or a Farm Bill flag or a Khalistan flag, understand we are all a part of the same movement."

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Delhi police probes into PFJ

On Friday, Delhi Special  CP Crime Praveer Ranjan said that a case has been filed on the authors of the 'toolkit document' shared by Thunberg as it aimed to create disaffection and disharmony. Addressing a press conference, Ranjan said that the FIR filed under sections 124 A (sedition), 120 B (criminal conspiracy), 153 A (spreading hatred among communities) of  IPC, did not name anyone. Pointing out that the 'prior actions' section of the tool-kit - authored by Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF), Ranjan said that it was a 'planned conspiracy to execute such a plan'.

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Who is PFJ?

Founded by Dhaliwal and Anita Lal Director - who also heads the 'World Sikh Organisation', PFJ is a Canada-based foundation which claim to 'challenge structures of oppression and discrimination through intersectional grassroots advocacy'. Talking about its latest movement, it claims "Currently, we are most actively involved in the #FarmersProtest that has activated Indian diaspora worldwide as a rebuke to India’s oppressive policies towards farmers”. It has been urging people to join in its 'Global Day of Action in response to India's Republic Day'.

Under its 'AskIndiaWhy' campiagn, PFJ had created a toolkit which was shared by Thunberg, titled 'Global Farmers Strike- First Wave', which seems to have been in circulation since early January. It had encouraged people to organise solidarity protests either at or near Indian Embassies, local government offices or offices of various multinational Adani and Ambani companies. It also urged people to participate in the farmers' tractor rally on Republic Day - which had ended in violence.

Later PFJ updated their 'toolkit' - which was again shared by Thunberg, aimimg to get global attention on the ongoing farmers' protest urging people to tweet at PMO & Tomar, call or email govt representatives, sign online petitions and on-ground action near the closest Indian Embassy, Media House, or your local Govt. office on 13th/14th February 2021. The updated 'toolkit' claimed  that "India has a long history of human rights violations, violence, and a cruel indifference for its most vulnerable citizens." and states that, "It is paramount to put international pressure on India’s Government." It also removes the Republic Day plan from the AskIndiaWhy's 'prior actions'.

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