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PM Modi Asks Team Of Doctors To Check SPG Personnel Who Fainted At His Delhi Event

Seeing a SPG personnel faint, PM Modi paused his speech and called for his team of doctors to reach out to the person.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech in Delhi | Credit: ANI

Hours after meeting the ISRO scientists in Bengaluru, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in the National capital on Wednesday and was hailing the Indian space agency over its success on the Chandrayaan-3 when he stopped suddenly in the middle of his address. Pausing his speech, he called his team of doctors to reach out to a person who had fainted in the middle of the crowd. According to sources, the person, who fainted in the crowd, was an Special Protection Group (SPG) personnel. 

Noticing the person fainting, the Prime Minister paused his speech and asked his doctors' team to rush to the person and help him. The PM could be heard instructing his officials to provide the required aid to the fainted individual. 

"Meri team ke doctors me se koi doctor aaye...and inhe check kare...unhe haath pakad ke le jaye…unhe baitha dijiye aur joote wagerah khol dijiye…(Someone from my team of doctors come and check this person. Hold his hands and open his shoes)," the Prime Minister was quoted as saying. 

After ensuring that his doctors had taken care of the individual, the Prime Minister continued his speech.

Notably, this is not the first time that PM Modi showed this gesture of care for his audience. Several times in the past, the Prime Minister has been seen stopping his speeches and asking his team to help out people facing troubles during his rallies and addresses. Earlier in April 2021, while PM Modi was on a campaign trail in poll-bound West Bengal, he halted his speech and again asked his team to help out an elderly woman, who seemed to have fainted due to dehydration during his rally. 

PM Modi noticed the elderly woman faint and asked his doctors to help her out. “Mere sath jo doctor hai, please dekhiye. Mata ji ko paani vagera dijiye...(The doctors' team with me, please see to it. Give some water to the elderly woman)," the Prime Minister said, adding, "Mere team ke doctor waha pahuche turant (Doctors of my team please go to her immediately)." 

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