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PM Modi Calls Farmers Protests Sacred; Contrasts 'Andolan Kaari' 'with 'Andolan Jeevi'

PM Modi leveled his attack against such miscreants talking about how there was a big difference in saying the right things and doing the right things.

While addressing the Lok Sabha on Wednesday in reply to the Motion of thanks to the President's address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again hit out at 'Andolan Jeevis' (protest parasites) accusing them of maligning the 'sacred' protest of the farmers via raking up the release of terrorists and vandalizing telecom towers. 

"I consider the farmers' protest sacred. The movement has importance in India's democracy, but what happens when the Adolanjeevis come out to defile the holy movement for their own benefit? Taking photos of the rioters, communalists, terrorists who are in jail, demanding their liberation, this is to defile the pure farmers' movement," said PM Modi. 

Urging the nation to differentiate between the agitators (Andolan Kaaris) and those who lived through agitations (Andolan Jeevis), PM said, "The Andolan Jeevis, not the Andolan Kaaris, have done the job of ruining the holy agitation of the farmers. Therefore, it is very important to differentiate between the two. When telecom towers are vandalized, is it not an attempt to defame the protest by Andolanjeevis? It is important to save the nation from these Andolanjeevis."

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'They do not believe in doing good': PM Modi 

PM Modi leveled his attack against such miscreants talking about how there was a big difference in saying the right things and doing the right things. He also stated that while such people believed in talking about the right things, they fell silent when it came to supporting them. 

"A big section in this country whose identity is talking the right things. There is no harm in this but when it what happens when it comes to doing the right things? They believe in just speaking things. They do not believe in doing good. They stand against One Nation One Election, Triple Talaaq, they stand against hydropower projects and they stand in support with those burning stubble," he said. 

During his last address, the PM had coined the term 'Andolan Jeevis' saying, "There is a group who are called 'andolan jeevi', they are always present in every protest, whether it is protests of lawyers, students, laborers, or anyone, they will get involved both from the front or from behind a veil. It is a gang who are obsessed with andolan (protests) and keep looking for reasons to somehow be a part of it. We need to identify such people, who reach everywhere and give it an ideological stand and misled people, our country should be aware of these people."

Acknowledging the farmers' protest, the Prime Minister expressed the government's 'respect' to the agitation and added that the Centre will continue to hold discussions with the farmers' unions. 

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