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PM Modi Encourages District Officials On Innovation, Containment Zones & COVID-19 Testing

In an interaction with District Magistrates from across India on Tuesday, PM Modi appreciated their role in the fight against COVID-19 amid the second wave. 

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In an interaction with district officials from across India on Tuesday, PM Modi appreciated their role in the fight against COVID-19 amid the second wave. Encouraging them to adopt innovation at the micro-level, the PM urged them to send their ideas to the Union government for possible replication in other parts of the country. On this occasion, he stressed the contribution of villages in ensuring that the COVID-19 spread is limited. For instance, he highlighted that farmers meticulously followed social distancing norms while working in the fields. 

PM Modi remarked, "I praise your efforts. Every district has its own challenges. You understand the challenges of your district very well. If your district wins, the country wins. If your district defeats COVID-19, the country defeats COVID-19." 

"You have an important role in the fight against COVID-19. In a way, you are the field commander of this war. Just in the case of a war, a field commander implements the big policy, fights on the ground and takes decisions as per the situation," he added. 

'Need to maintain more vigil' 

During the discussion, the PM delved into the existing weapons to tackle the COVID-19 surge and emphasised the significance of disseminating the correct information to the people. He also mentioned that there should not any laxity even if a particular state is witnessing a fall in new COVID-19 cases. Briefing the participants about the oxygen plants to be set up in certain districts using PM CARES funds, he opined that the better utilization of O2 depends on the efficient functioning of the Oxygen Monitoring Committee. Observing that vaccination is a crucial tool to battle the novel coronavirus and that the supply of doses is being ramped up, he gave a clarion call to avoid vaccine wastage. 

The PM stated, "Our weapons against the virus are local containment zone, aggressive testing and disseminating real and complete information. It is convenient for the people if they get information on how many beds are available in hospitals and where they are available. There should be strict action against black marketing. Keep the morale of the frontline workers high and mobilise them." 

"At present, COVID-19 figures are decreasing in some states while increasing in some others. We need to maintain more vigil when the numbers are decreasing. In the last year, I have been stressing that our struggle is to save every single life. Our responsibility is also to contain the spread but this is only possible if there is correct information pertaining to the spread. It is necessary to focus on testing, tracking, isolation, treatment and COVID appropriate behaviour. We have to pay a lot of attention to far-flung and rural areas in the second wave of COVID-19," he elaborated. 

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