'They Talk About Dandas...': In Assam, PM Modi Fires Big Second Volley At Rahul Gandhi


Addressing a massive rally in Kokrajhar, Assam to celebrate the signing of the Bodo Accord, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took another salvo at Rahul Gandhi.

Written By Akhil Oka | Mumbai | Updated On:

Addressing a massive rally in Kokrajhar, Assam to celebrate the signing of the Bodo Accord, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday took another salvo at former Congress president Rahul Gandhi over the latter's 'Danda' remark. Mentioning that some people talked about hitting him with a stick, the PM opined that no stick would have any effect on him as he enjoyed the blessings of so many mothers and sisters. PM Modi said, "Sometimes, people talk about hitting a Danda (stick). Nothing will happen to Modi irrespective of how many sticks he is hit with, because he has the shield of so many mothers and sisters". 

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The 'Danda' remark

Gandhi made the contentious 'Danda' remark in his campaign rally for the Delhi Assembly election on Wednesday. He claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would not be able to step out of his house after some months as the young people of the country were extremely angry with him. Furthermore, he predicted that the youths would beat the PM with sticks and make him understand the importance of providing jobs. 

“Narendra Modi is giving speeches right now but he won’t be able to leave his home after 7-8 months. The young people of India will hit him with sticks and make him understand that India cannot progress without giving jobs to the young people,” Rahul Gandhi said.  

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'I will do Surya Namaskar for six months'

This is the second occasion on which the PM commented on Gandhi's 'Danda' remark. Replying to the President's address on the floor of the Lok Sabha on Thursday, PM Modi mentioned that he had become "Gaali proof". Taunting Gandhi, he said that he would do Surya Namaskar for the next 6 months to toughen himself for facing the blows. 

He said: "I was hearing the remark made by one of the Congress leaders that I will be lathi-charged within few months. I have been "Gaali proof" after hearing so much abuse. Now, I will do Surya Namaskar for 6 months and toughen myself up to bear the blows. I am humbled that they have announced it beforehand so now I will exercise and make myself fit for it."

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