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PM Modi Inaugurates IN-SPACe HQ; Asserts Initiative Could 'revolutionise Space Sector'

PM Modi on Friday inaugurated the IN-SPACe HQ at Bopal in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad and asserted it has the potential to revolutionize India's space industry.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday inaugurated the headquarters of the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe) at Bopal in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad. He stated that a wonderful chapter has been added in the development journey of 21st century modern India - IN-SPACe. MoUs between IN-SPACe and private sector companies were exchanged that works in the field of space-based applications and services.

PM Modi inaugurates IN-SPACe

"IN-SPACe will give a platform to the youth of India and the best scientific minds of the country to showcase their talent. Whether they are working in the government or in the private sector, it will create great opportunities for everyone. IN-SPACe has the potential to revolutionize India's space industry. So this is what I would say-- 'Watch this space'. IN-SPACe is for space, IN-SPACe is for pace, IN-SPACe is for ace," said PM Modi.

PM Modi further said that by reforming the Space sector, freeing it from all restrictions and supporting private industries through IN-SPACe, the country is starting a campaign to create winners. The private sector will not just remain as a vendor but will play the role of big winners in the space sector, he added.

"Our government is continuously reforming and removing every obstacle in front of the youth of India. The government is working in every direction to open up the defence sector to the private industry, formulate a modern drone policy, to make a Jio special data guideline," he added.

'Ease of doing business for private sectors': PM Modi

"It is the BJP government's attempt to create 'Ease of Doing Business' environment for the private sector of India so that the private sector of the country helps the countrymen equally in the 'Ease of Living'," said PM Modi.

"Not only this but many private companies have also prepared the design of their own rocket. This is a glimpse of the limitless possibilities of India's space sector. For this, I heartily congratulate our scientists, entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs and all the countrymen. I am proud that our private industry colleagues have started working rapidly in the areas of Launch Vehicle, Satellite, Ground Segment and Space Applications. Private players in India have also come forward for the manufacture of PSLV rockets," said PM Modi.

'India's space mission biggest recognition of Aatmanirbhar Bharat': PM Modi 

The Prime Minister lauded India's space mission and called it the biggest recognition of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

"Now when this campaign will get the power of India's private sector, imagine how much its power will increase. Whether anyone is a scientist or a farmer-labourer, anyone who understands the techniques of science or does not understand, above all this our space mission becomes the mission of the people of the country. India saw this emotional solidarity of India during Mission Chandrayaan."

"Space-tech is about to become the basis of a major revolution in the 21st century. Space-tech is now going to become a technology not only of distant space but of our personal space as well. There are infinite possibilities in our country, but infinite possibilities can never be realized with limited efforts. I assure you that this process of reforms in the space sector will continue uninterruptedly. Space and Sea are the two areas that are going to be most influential in the coming days," said PM Modi.

(Image: @BJP4India-Twitter)

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