PM MODI INTERVIEW |WATCH: PM Modi's 5-word Proverb On Whether He'll Attend The SAARC Summit If Invited By Pak PM Imran Khan

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • PM Modi said UPA or NDA government never opposed dialogue with Pakistan
  • He asserted that Modi-led government is persistent to end cross-border terrorism

From surgical strike to SAARC Summit, PM Modi was questioned on terrorism and a dialogue his Pakistan counterpart, Imran Khan.

Speaking of surgical strike and the persistence of cross-border terrorism he said, "I don’t consider it appropriate to talk about such things in the media. Whatever strategy is to be adopted, how to do, is ongoing at appropriate levels, has been happening. 1965 war, war during partition. If after one war if we think Pakistan will behave, then this is a mistake. Pakistan will take some time to behave."

Addressing the big question of India-Pakistan dialogue, he said how it was never opposed by either NDA or even UPA government but with the noise of guns and bombs the dialogue cannot be heard. 

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He said, " India, whether UPA or NDA government, never opposed dialogue. It is our consistent policy that we are in favour of dialogue. It is the consistent policy of the country, not Modi government or Manmohan Singh government. It is our consistent policy that we are ready to talk on all issues, not this issue or that issue. Because India’s ground is strong. We only say one thing that amid the noise of bombs and guns, the dialogue cannot be heard."

"Cross-border terrorism must end. And we are persistently maintaining pressure on this. We have created an environment around the world supporting this sentiment and terror-supporting Pakistan stands isolated. This is the fact. Incidents have taken place, but in a limited manner. Those believing in humanity, those believing in law, believing in the country’s unity, have an upper hand," he added. 

Speaking of the invitation by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for SAARC summit, PM Modi responded in five words and said that there is an old saying… “When we reach the bridge…”

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