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PM Modi Narrates Tale Of A Tiger & 2 Hunters To Hit Out At License Raj, Slams UPA

He compared a story of two hunters who failed to hunt with the Opposition's failure to tackle unemployment and corruption.

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PM Modi takes a dig at UPA's 10 years of corruption; (Image: Sansad TV)

Addressing the Motion of Thanks on the President's address in Lok Sabha on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig a license raj and narrated a story about a tiger in a forest. He compared a story of two hunters who failed to hunt with the Opposition's failure to tackle unemployment and corruption during their regime. 

Narrating a story of two hunters, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "Once in a dense forest, two individuals went hunting for a tiger. After travelling for a while, the duo thought of resting. They kept all their arms and ammunition in their vehicle and went for a walk. They thought they would not be able to spot the tiger sooner."

"To their surprise, a tiger came walking from the opposite direction. The duo went clueless as their arms and ammunition were left in the car. They showed their license to the tiger. Similarly, the Opposition during their regime just made laws for people to eradicate unemployment and corruption," PM Modi said while launching an unsparing attack on the Opposition. 

PM pans UPA's 10 years of corruption

Prime Minister Narendra Modi further stated that the decade before 2014 will be known as the 'lost decade' and the decade of 2030 will now be known as 'India's decade'.

"2004 to 2014 was a decade of scams in the history of independence. For ten years, the series of terrorist attacks continued in every corner of India. Every citizen was vulnerable. In 10 years, from Kashmir to the Northeast, the country was a victim of violence," Prime Minister Modi said. 

The Prime Minister asserted that in those 10 years (2004- 2014), India's voice was so weak on global forums that the world was not ready to listen. "UPA became synonymous with converting opportunities into trouble. When IT sector was emerging, these people remained involved in the 2G scam and during the civil nuclear deal, they were busy with Cash-for-Votes scam," he added. 

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