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'PM Modi Needs To Hear Us', Says Himachal Cong Chief Pratibha Singh On Floods Situation

Himachal Pradesh Congress chief Pratibha Singh attacked PM Narendra Modi and said he didn't say anything on the state's horrifying landslides and floods.

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Himachal Pradesh floods

Congress Himachal chief Pratibha Singh expresses concern on State flood | Credit: ANI

Himachal Pradesh Congress chief and MP Pratibha Singh on Wednesday expressed concern over the damage that has occurred due to the heavy landslides in the state. To address the matter seriously, she said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be informed about the catastrophic situation. For this, Singh has urged all the MPs of the Himachal Congress to go and directly meet him. She also launched a scathing attack on PM Modi and said that he didn't even say anything on such a critical matter. 

Congress MP said, "This is my duty that the concern of Himachal Pradesh should be brought to the attention of the PM. I have written a letter to all our MPs that we should together go and meet the PM. And will caution the PM that he didn't even speak a word on Himachal Pradesh where such a tragedy occurred and no financial aid has been announced for this...I will raise this issue in the Parliament too, that Himachal Pradesh should be helped during these times."

Priyanka Gandhi appeals to Centre to declare Himachal's calamity a 'natural disaster'

Meanwhile, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra paid a visit to the flood-hit areas in Kullu and Mandi districts in the State on Tuesday along with Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu. 

She urged the Centre to rise above "party politics" and demanded that the recent calamity in Himachal Pradesh due to heavy monsoon rains be declared a 'national disaster'.

On Wednesday she reiterated her appeal and said, "The situation is very painful. People have suffered a great loss. We said yesterday too that everyone has to face this together...If the Centre declares this a national disaster, it will help the State a lot...Pratibha Singh mentioned yesterday that she would like to take it up in the Parliament. We don't know what this special session will be about or whether they will allow these issues to come up. But we were discussing that even if that doesn't happen, representation should go to the Central Government and we will all put our strength in that and try to convince them that they must declare it a national disaster..."

State government to provide rent to the affected people

The Himachal Pradesh Government has also announced that rain-affected people staying in relief camps would be provided temporary accommodation with its rent paid for by the State Government.

For those families sheltered in relief camps in rural and urban areas in the State, the State Government would provide Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 respectively as monthly rent and the scheme will be in force till March 31, 2024.

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