PM Modi Slams Violence By Anti-CAA Protesters: 'Burn My Effigies, Don't Attack Police'


Slamming the Opposition for attacking the police around the nation attempting to maintain law and order, PM Modi dared protestors to take out their anger at him

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Slamming the Opposition for attacking the police around the nation attempting to maintain law and order, PM Modi on Sunday, dared the protestors to take out their anger at him, not at the poor, while addressing a rally at New Delhi's Ram Lila Maidan. He asked what did these miscreants get attacking these policemen. He pointed out that the policemen were the same since the previous governments.

'Burn my effigies, don't attack police': PM Modi

"Take out all your anger on Modi. What will you get by attacking poor bus drivers, auto drivers? The policemen whom these people are pelting stones at, I wish to ask the leaders of such secretive campaigns, what will you get? These policemen are the same when your government was in power. Governments change but that does not change police force," he said.

He added, "After freedom 33,000 policemen have sacrificed their lives to maintain the law & order in the country. Police do not see religion, weather, time of the day or wealth when disaster strikes to help you. In the recent factory fire in Delhi, the police played on their lives to save as many people possible, stuck in the building. These politicians are giving lectures on what India is, but don't have two words to call for peace. You are condoning the violence on police and vulnerable through your silence."

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'Two types of rumourmongers' : PM Modi

Naming two types of rumourmongers, he said that those politicians who are reliant on vote banks and those who thought that the country is theirs are spreading lies. He added that they believed they wrote the history and future of India. Slamming the Opposition's acceptance to the mandate, he alleged that they had returned to their tricks.

"Those who are spreading lies and rumours should be identified. They are of two types- people whose politics is dependent on vote-banks only, those who thought that the government is theirs and that the country works on their gestures. They believe that what history they say is what will be taken as the truth and what future they decide will be India's destiny. Now that they have been rejected by the country, they have started using their old weapons."

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Anti-CAA protests

The protests against CAA which began in Assam has now spread throughout the country. Violent protests were first witnessed in Assam where 4 people have died, West Bengal where numerous public property damaged, Delhi where buses were burnt and Jamia Millia students were attacked by Delhi police and thousands protested at Jamia Masjid.Moreover, violent protests have been witnessed in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra where a mob of protestors have attacked police, pelted stones and set ablaze several buses. 16 have died in UP, 2 in Mangalore as of date in these protests, while 57 policemen have been injured in UP. Police have resorted to lathi-charge, imposed section 144 in select areas and detaining hundreds of protestors

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