PM Narendra Modi Responds To Rahul Gandhi's 'chor' Attack, Throws Open Challenge


PM Narendra Modi, in a massive BJP rally in poll bound MP, has thrown a challenge at Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Written By Akshita Nandagopal | Mumbai | Updated On:

PM Narendra Modi, in a massive BJP rally in poll-bound MP, has thrown a challenge at Congress President Rahul Gandhi. In a rally attended by lakhs of BJP workers in Bhopal and in the presence of BJP president Amit Shah, the PM said, ‘let Congress throw muck at me. The more muck they throw, the more the number of lotuses that will bloom in the country.’

The Prime Minister’s speech was a clear response to Rahul Gandhi who’s called Modi a 'chor', ‘corrupt’ and even ‘commander in thief’ in his speeches over the last few days, questioning PM Modi on the Rafale deal. While throwing the muck dare at Rahul Gandhi, the PM also said, ‘the lotus will bloom in every corner. the lotus will bloom in every booth. the lotus will bloom in every house. the lotus will bloom in every state govt in the country.’

While Rahul has demanded the PM’s statement on the Rafale deal, PM Modi has hit back with a challenge- the Prime minister at his aggressive best in Bhopal sent out a resounding message to the opposition who’ve been piggy-backing on the Rafale ‘scam’ to fire a corruption charge at the Modi government.

Earlier, Rahul had attacked the Prime minister calling him a 'chor' and saying, ‘PM Modi handed Rs 30,000 Cr to Ambanis. Desh ki Chowkidaar is a chor.’ The Congress president also tweeted claiming he would ‘bring justice to every jawan who has served India and has been dishonoured by the govt.’

But the Prime minister’s 'muck' invite to Rahul Gandhi has made it clear that the ‘chor’ jibes and attacks won’t affect or deter him. It is also being seen as a 2019 message from the heart of the country to Congress- that the opposition’s Rafale politics won’t affect the BJP’s fight in 2019.

Also during the gathering, PM Modi accused Congress party of forming an 'international alliance'.

"The Congress party is failing to form an alliance in the country, and even if they are successful, the coordination seems impossible. That is why they are trying to form an alliance outside India. Now, some other country will decide who will become the Prime Minister of India," he said.

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The direct attack comes after Rahul Gandhi had called PM Modi 'chor' on number of occasions while accusing BJP of brokering the Rafale deal for Anil Ambani.

In his recent most statement, the Congress President, speaking in Amethi, said, "The man (Prime Minister Modi), who came to remove corruption, has himself given Rs 30,000 crore to Anil Ambani. The fun has just begun, things are set to turn more interesting. In the next 2-3 months you will have fun after we will show you Narendra Modi's work - Rafale, Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi, Demonetisation, Gabbar Singh Tax. All of it is theft. One by one, we will show that Narendra Modi ji is not a watchman, but a thief."

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