POLITICAL SCOOP: Gujarat Poster Boy Alpesh Thakor To Be Sacked As Congress Bihar In-charge In Wake Of Gujarat Mass Exodus?


As per sources, Rahul Gandhi-led Congress, who is apparently miffed with Alpesh, is consideration his removal from the post of Congress Bihar In-charge.

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:

After a series of videos indicated his role in the mass exodus of non-Gujaratis, Congress leader and Thakor Sena chief Alpesh Thakor has apparently landed in the middle of a crisis. As per sources, Rahul Gandhi-led Congress, who is miffed with Alpesh, is consideration his removal from the post of Congress Bihar In-charge. This action by the Congress party comes a few months ahead of the 2019 elections. 

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Earlier in October, Sources have told Republic TV that Congress leaders in the state have asked party President Rahul Gandhi to act on this matter, and take some kind of action against the chief of Thakor Sena. 

A number of people from Bihar and UP residing in Gujarat fled the state earlier this month after the locals threatened them of dire consequences in the wake of a rape of a 14-month baby by a Bihar resident. 

Republic TV accessed number of evidence, which hinted at the role of Thakor Sena behind the exodus. Days before people started to flee the state, Alpesh Thakor had given a provocative speech, trying to create a divide between Gujarati's and non-Gujarati's.

"These people who have come from outside they commit crime over here (unclear) and then beat our villagers in their own village. And after committing the crime they go back to their respective places. For them, they have jobs over here in Maruti and other companies but our people don't, they have jobs. And from now 30,000 has increased to 3 lakhs".

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An investigation by Republic TV into the exodus then revealed Congress' hand. Jagat Thakor, aide of Alpesh Thakor, was caught on tape making stunning revelations. 

“Yes, there are people from Congress but if you look at the situation, there are people living in our village and till now they have not faced any trouble so far, they've been living in our village for years. The person you are talking about is from the they Congress and is also member of Thakor community. So, that sentiment is there, that a child from our community had to go through this. Yes, I admit  what they did is wrong, the guilty should be punished, the innocent people who are living in the village have no clue about what is happening," Jagat said.

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