Politics Over 'Neech' Engulfs Bihar As Miffed Upendra Kushwaha Attacks Nitish Kumar Following BJP's '2-seat-offer'; Seeks Bihar CM's DNA Report

Written By Prakash Singh | Mumbai | Published:

On October 31, Upendra Kushwaha had dropped a political bombshell with a jibe on Bihar CM Nitish Kumar saying that "Nitish Kumar had told him recently that he doesn't want to continue as chief minister of Bihar post the 2020 Bihar Vidhan Sabha elections as he has been CM for 15 years and he is tired."

On Saturday at an event organised pertaining to the development model in Bihar by a weekly magazine in Patna, when a journalist asked the Bihar CM that 'Upendra Kushwaha has said that you don't want to continue as chief minister of Bihar post-2020 Vidhan Sabha elections?', Nitish Kumar replied saying:

"Discussion ka star neecha mat girayein" (don't lower the level of discussion)."

Kushwaha, at a 'Halla Bol' program organised by his Rashtriya Lok Samta Party in Muzzafarpur, has given a political twist to the statement made by Nitish -- that Nitish Kumar called him "neech". Kushwaha went on to say:

"Nitish Ji has called me neech. I want to ask my elder brother Nitish ji whether Upendra Kushwaha is 'neech' because he raises the issue of downtrodden and poor, issue of social justice and the issue of better education for all? We are from the same family  -- Luv and Kush -- how can the two brothers be unch and neech?"

"During 2015 Vidhan Sabha election campaign rally in Muzaffarpur Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a different context had said about DNA. But Nitish Kumar took upon himself that Modi ji questioned his DNA, and asked JD(U) workers and people of Bihar to collect samples of nails and hair for DNA test and send it to Delhi so that Modi ji could understand the DNA of people of Bihar. I don't know if Nitish ji had sent samples of his nails and hair, but lakhs of JD(U) workers had sent their samples. But we are still waiting if the DNA report of the samples have come or not. If it has come we want to know the report of the result. We live with dignity I request elder brother Nitish ji... people of Bihar want to know where is the DNA report. Please let me also know".

Nitish Kumar had quit his 17-year-old alliance with BJP in 2013 as Modi was declared the PM candidate by the party and both Nitish and Modi were sworn enemies. Narendra Modi during an election campaign rally in Muzzafarpur for Bihar Vidhan Sabha elections had questioned the DNA of Nitish Kumar, to which Nitish had reacted that 'it is an insult to Bihar' and decided to send samples of nail and hair of 1 crore people to Narendra Modi for testing.

Reacting to Kushwaha's statement on Nitish Kumar, JD(U) spokesperson and MLC Neeraj Kumar said:

"Nitish ji never made a comment that Upendra Kushwaha is neech, rather he had told the journalist not to lower the level of discussion. The definition of DNA is 'daily new assets' in politics and we don't compromise with it. If Upendra Kushwaha has a stomach-ache, then the medicine of a headache won't work. When Upendra Kushwaha was a greenhorn in politics, Nitish Kumar had made him a leader of the opposition. When he was part of JD(U) and along with Nitish Kumar, Kushwaha had opposed 'Aatank Raj' of Lalu and company". 

With this attack on Nitish Kumar, it seems that Kushwaha is headed the UPA way, and it was echoed by RJS spokesperson and MLA Bhai Birendra who said that "Kushwaha ji will soon join hands with UPA as he is being humiliated by Nitish Kumar and BJP."

Kushwaha's continuous attack on Nitish Kumar will definitely have a political fall out. Kushwaha is annoyed with the fact that the BJP is giving enough importance to Nitish Kumar and offered his party JD(U) to contest 17 seats, the same number as the BJP, whereas Kushwaha has been offered only 2 seats instead of 3 seats contested by RSLP in the 2014 elections. Sources say that till date Kushwaha has not got an appointment from BJP president Amit Shah and the decision to offer 2 seats to Kushwaha's party has been communicated by BJP general secretary in-charge of Bihar Bhupendra Yadav.

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BJP president Amit Shah and JD(U) president Nitish Kumar have agreed for a seat-sharing formula among the NDA partners which is 17-each for JD(U) and BJP, while 4 seats go to LJP and 2 seats to RSLP . Kushwaha has been demanding 3 seats in Bihar and 1 seat in Jharkhand. Hence the JD(U) and the BJP are not announcing the seat-sharing formula -- so that Kushwaha does not become a martyr. Kushwaha has been communicated by the BJP leadership to take the 2 seats or decide his political course. JD(U) and BJP are playing the waiting game, so that Kushwaha leaves NDA on his own, as he has been holding negotiations with RJD for quite some time and his recent meeting with Tejashwi Yadav is a testimony to this. 

BJP has decided to give importance to Nitish Kumar because of his wider penetration within the extremely backward castes, Kurmi & Kushwaha castes which fall into OBC, a section of Dalit votes and on the issue of developmental plank, especially in the electricity, road sector and upliftment of women, whereas the BJP has decided to dump Kushwaha because he failed to transfer Kushwaha community votes to NDA fold when the BJP received a drubbing at the hands of the Nitish Lalu combine as majority of the Kushwahas regard Nitish as their leader, because Nitish had formed the "Luv-Kush umbrella" a long time back .