Putin In India: PM Modi, Vladimir Putin's Declaration Of 'Close Bond Of Friendship Between The Two Nations'


President Putin and PM Modi have signed the S400 Triumf Air Defense system deal at the bilateral summit between India and Russia.

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Updated On:

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave out a joint statement at the Hyderabad House, New Delhi on Friday, soon after they signed the S400 Triumf Air Defense system deal at the bilateral summit between the two countries. During the summit, the two countries signed an India-Russia space agreement that will ensure Russia's support for the Indo-manned mission.

PM Modi gave a statement during the summit in Delhi in which he regarded Russia as India's 'close friend'.

"I am very happy today. Russia has been a close friend to India, being on India's side throughout the history. President Putin in India has always been welcoming towards India. During my visit to Russia for an informal summit, I discussed a lot of issues with Vladimir Putin in detail during that summit. India gives utmost importance to Russia. With the changing time, our relationships have grown by adding new strategic dimensions to our friendship. With Russia's inputs, we have received a new direction for the fulfilment of our goals," said PM Modi in his address during the bilateral summit in Delhi.

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"After the decisions we took today, the relationship between India and Russia will flourish and the citizens from both the countries will know about each other," PM Narendra Modi added.

While giving his key-note speech during the news briefing at the bilateral summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his happiness with the collaboration between the two countries.

"I am very happy with our friendship with India. We discussed the key areas of India-Russia cooperation. We had a detailed discussion on an array of international and regional agendas that will benefit both India and Russia. We have set up goals about the investments and mutual trade between both the countries," Putin said.

Later, he went to thank India for the 'meaningful and constructive negotiations will ensure to step us the strategic partnership between India and Russia' in the joint statement. 

"We have outlined the prospects of our long-term collaboration. Broadening this cooperation is of utmost importance for me and Mr President. We have discussed the prospects of military and technical cooperation between India and Russia. For decades, India has been cooperating successfully in this area with us. We have agreed to step up our collaboration on multiple projects. We will combat the issue of terrorism prevailing in the countries. In conclusion, I would like to thanks Mr President and all other for this meaningful and constructive negotiations. I am convinced that their results will further step up the strategic partnership between India and Russia," President Putin added.

India and Russia have signed a total of eight deals during the bilateral summit at Delhi.

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