Rahul Gandhi Continues His Attack On Modi Government Over Rafale Deal. LIVE UPDATES HERE

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  • Continuing on his relentless attack on the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) government on the Rafael deal, Congress President Rahul Gandhi will hold a press conference on Thursday evening
  • Earlier on Wednesday, both Jaitley and Rahul were involved in war of words on Twitter, with one attack after another aimed at the opposite number

Update at 5:46 PM: PM promised of Rs 15 lakhs, jobs, Bullet train. But we don't take his words seriously: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:45 PM: The airplanes which were worth Rs 520 crore, why did you buy it for Rs 1600 crore?: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:44 PM: Anil Ambani has never made planes. Anil Ambani has a huge loss. On the other hand, HAL has been making aeroplanes 70 years. They have no debt: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:42 PM: We have been asking for Joint Parliamentary Committee. All the opposition has been asking for JPC. But Arun Jaitley is stuck, because permission is to be given by Narendra Modi: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:40 PM: During our time, the NPA's were Rs 2.5 lakh crore. Now, it is Rs 12 lakh crore: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:39 PM: Congress showed how to run the country. Please look at a record when Manmohan Singh was the PM. Arun Jaitley and Narendra Modi have destroyed the nation: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:38 PM: Demonetization wasn't a mistake, but it was an attack on you. It was a planned move to destroy you people, and help organizations like Amazon: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:37 PM: The intention of demonetization was to help the richest people in the country change their money from black to white: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:36 PM: Let Anil Ambani slap as many defamation cases as he can. It won't change the truth: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:35 PM: The main issue of demonetization is why PM Modi took money from small businessmen and youth, and gave it to the top 15-20 rich people: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:33 PM: The example of this is the Gujarat Co-operative bank. The bank in which Amit Shah is the director, Rs 700 crore was turned from black to white: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:32 PM: During demonetization, the friends of Narendra Modi turned their black money into white: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:31 PM: Narendra Modi took money from your pockets, and put it into the pockets of the top 10-15 business, who had NPA's against them: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:30 PM: I want to tell the small businessmen and youths about why demonetization was done: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:28 PM: PM has to answer the nation why he inflicted this damage on the country: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:26 PM: The whole money from demonetization is back. 2% GDP fell down and crores of people lost their jobs: Rahul Gandhi

Update at 5:20 PM: In a few minutes time, Congress President Rahul Gandhi will start speaking.

Update at 5:00 PM: Rahul Gandhi to hold a press conference shortly in relation to the Rafale deal. 

Continuing his relentless attack on the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) government over the Rafael deal, Congress President Rahul Gandhi will hold a press conference on Thursday evening. The Congress supremo has been involved in a engrossing duel with the government, especially Finance minister Arun Jaitley over the pricing of the deal, as well as the involvement of Anil Ambani in the whole saga.

Earlier on Wednesday, both Jaitley and Rahul were involved in war of words on Twitter, with one attack after another aimed at the opposite number. The Finance minister had put out 15 questions in front of the Congress supremo, for which Rahul put out a scathing tweet addressed to Jaitley, calling Rafale deal “the GREAT RAFALE ROBBERY”.

Rahul Gandhi also asked for the formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee to sort the issue out. Concluding his tweet, he asked Jaitley to revert in 24 hours.

The Congress President’s scathing tweet triggered a Twitter war of sorts as within minutes of his tweets, with BJP National President Amit Shah issuing a rebuttal, saying, “Why wait 24 hours when you already have your JPC-Jhoothi Party Congress.” (His moniker for JPC).

Shah also claimed that Gandhi’s quote on Rafale varies from place to place, mentioning, “but the nation’s IQ is higher than yours”, suggesting that the nation can see through Gandhi’s claim.

This all stemmed after Jaitley highlighted that Rahul Gandhi quoted "a price of Rs.700 Cr per aircraft in Delhi and Karnataka in April and May this year. In Parliament, he reduced it to Rs.520 Cr per aircraft, in Raipur he increased it to Rs.540 Cr."

The whole situation came out in open last month during the no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha. Rahul had accused Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman of lying to the nation regarding the Rafale deal between the government of India and France. He accused the Modi government of increasing the price of the deal, as well as questioning them about giving favor to Anil Ambani and taking the contract away from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).


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