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Rahul Gandhi Doubles Down On Claims Of NRC, CAA Being A 'tax On The Poor'

In a brief statement to reporters on Friday morning, the former President of INC said that the CAA ruckus is a corrupt exercise by the BJP

Rahul Gandhi continued his attack on the PM Modi-led BJP government and repeated his remarks on the effects of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) on Saturday morning. Speaking to reporters after attending Congress Foundation Day, Gandhi said that the entire exercise is going to affect the "poor people" in a manner that would be much worse than Demonetisation. 

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Calls CAA 'Demonetization part two'

Gandhi said, "This entire ruckus of CAA is basically demonetization part two. The poor people will be affected in a manner much worse than CAA. The basic idea of CAA is to make is all poor people of the country state whether they are citizens of India but at the same time, 15 friends of the Prime Minister will not prove their citizenship. All the money collected from this exercise will go to those 15 people. You must have seen the video which I tweeted where PM Modi said that there are no detention centres but then there is evidence of detention centres. It's up to you to decide who is lying."

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Gandhi says NRC, NPR a "tax on the poor"

The former Congress President said that the proposed National Register of Citizens and National Population Register exercises are like "tax on poor people" which will be plagued by corruption. Addressing reporters outside Raipur airport, Gandhi alleged that the exercise is meant to take money from the poor and fill the pockets of "15-20 individuals". He said, "Whether it is NPR or NRC, it is a tax on poor people of India. Demonetization was a tax on poor people. You go to the bank, deposit money but don't withdraw it. And all the money went to those 15-20 individuals. This (NPR and NRC) is the same thing. A poor person will go to a government officer, show him their papers, bribe the officer if the name is wrong and all these crores of rupees will go into the pockets of those 15 individuals."

Later in the day, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that Gandhi's comments were false and that his statement qualified for the 'lie of the year'.

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