Rahul Gandhi Resigns, BJP IT Cell Chief Amit Malviya Says 'Gandhi-Vadra Family Will Still Remain In The Driver's Seat, Won't Ever Hand Over Operational Control'

Written By Shloak Prabhu | Mumbai | Published:


  • Amit Malviya, the BJP IT-Cell chief, has reacted to Rahul Gandhi's resignation as Congress president
  • Malviya said that the whole resignation drama that Rahul Gandhi carried out was a sham
  • He put forth that the Gandhi-Vadra family would always remain in the driving seat


After Congress president Rahul Gandhi announced his resignation, a number of politicians reacted to the decision which finally came in after an over month-long drama. Among those who gave their opinions was BJP IT-cell chief Amit Malviya.

Malviya said that the whole resignation drama that Gandhi carried out was a sham as it has been making rounds for quite sometime. He also said that there is no clarity on how Congress means to proceed as there is no plan in place. Talking to Republic TV, Malviya said:

"There is no clarity on how Congress plans to move ahead." 

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Further, the BJP IT cell chief also said that Gandhi's announcement of resignation on a public platform could also be in a sense to pressure other leaders to resign. Malviya said that Congress has been stirred with talks of  Rahul Gandhi pressuring other leaders into resignation:

"There have been rumblings in the Congress Party attributing to Rahul Gandhi that some senior leaders had not resigned alongside him and taken responsibility," said Malviya 

Even so, the BJP IT cell chief asserted that even if the Congress decides to hand over the helm to someone who is not from the Gandhi family or really close to them, the overall control will still be within the Gandhi-Vadra family:

"Even if they were to get in a loyalist to head a Congress Party, you can be absolutely sure that Gandhis will continue to back-seat drive the Congress Party. They will never allow someone to assert control over the party operations."  Malviya added.

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Concluding his statement, Malviya hit out at the Congress by slamming the looming political rhetoric that has been going on since years. He said that Rahul Gandhi and rest of the Congress Party had failed to learn from the outcome of the mandate recent election and the events that took place in the last five years. Here's what he said about Congress resorting to the blame game tactics:

"All this is political rhetoric which we have seen in the last five years. The Congress Party and Rahul Gandhi haven't learned their lessons, its about time they do. Rahul Gandhi should exit gratefully and not hop on the political rhetoric which has not served him well." Malviya added

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In the tweet on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi released his resignation letter, saying that he takes responsibility for the loss of the Congress party in the 2019 elections. He reasoned his resignation, saying that "accountability is critical for the future growth of the party", but also claimed in his letter that he had fought against 'the entire might of India's state machinery, sometimes, on his own.'